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3m garden room options here provide bright, airy spaces for work or leisure.

3m garden room options here provide bright, airy spaces for work or leisure. Whether you’re looking for a hobby room, a snug home office, a gym, or just somewhere to sit and relax, an insulated 3m garden room can provide you with the space you need.

Built to stand the test of time, these buildings feature 72mm double-skinned walls and efficient insulation using EcoQuilt technology. Buildings in the Sherwood range have 100mm double skinned walls, giving even more insulation. The floors are constructed from attractive and hard-wearing tongue-and-groove wood, featuring Air Tech insulation technology, and double-glazed windows complete the design.

All our insulated garden rooms are manufactured in the UK using only responsibly sourced timber, and come with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee as standard. They are also designed in compliance with 'permitted development' rules to allow you to expand your living space without requiring planning permission. For further details, see our article on planning permission for garden buildings. Also be sure to check out our guide to buying an insulated garden room to find out more about all the options available to you.

Uses for a 3m wide garden room

A 3m wide garden room offers a versatile space for a wide range of activities. You can transform it into a home office, providing a secluded workspace that fosters productivity and creativity. Alternatively, indulge your passion for fitness by converting it into a small private gym or a tranquil yoga room.

As a cosy retreat, your room can serve as a reading nook or an artist's haven, making use of natural light for inspiration. For small social gatherings, a 3m wide garden room can be your entertainment hub, accommodating game nights, movie marathons, or intimate dinners.

Alternatively, embrace mother nature and use the space as a stylish growing room for cultivating plants and herbs. With its adaptability and charm, a 3m wide garden room can be more than just an extension of your home – it’s a blank canvas for your own diverse personal interests and lifestyle.

Can someone install my 3m wide garden room for me?

Yes, absolutely – aside from the DIY range, our complimentary home installation comes standard with all our garden rooms. The process is designed to be completely straightforward for you – all you need do is prepare the foundation with a concrete or paving slab base (or opt for a ground screw base when you make your purchase), and then our team of professionals manage the installation of your new garden room. For detailed instructions on how to prepare the foundation, refer to our guide on garden room base installation

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