4m Garden Rooms

4m garden rooms offer light, bright spaces that are perfect for garden office working or simply relaxing.

4m garden rooms offer light, bright spaces that are perfect for garden office working or simply relaxing. Manufactured in the UK using only sustainable and certified timber, these stylish retreats will provide you with comfortable additional living space suitable for year-round use. The garden rooms you see here feature robust, 72mm double-skinned walls and efficient EcoQuilt insulation, while the tongue and groove wooden floors incorporate Air Tech insulation. Buildings in the Sherwood range have 100mm double-skinned walls, giving even more insulation. Double-glazed windows are fitted as standard, and we provide a 10-year anti-rot guarantee for your peace of mind.

Free installation is included in the package – all you need to do is construct a concrete base for your building and our team of professionals will do the rest. For step-by-step instructions on installing a base for your garden room, see our shed base installation guide. Another alternative is to add an elite timber base with ground screws to your order when you’re making your purchase.

So if you’re looking for a comfortable outdoor building to use as a hobby space, home office, gym, or simply a tranquil spot to relax, a 4m garden room could be just what you’re looking for – but make sure you consider all the options by reading our ultimate guide to buying an insulated garden room.

Do I need planning permission for a 4m wide garden room?

Our 4m garden rooms are designed to meet 'permitted development' rules, meaning you can install them within your outdoor space without having to apply for planning permission.

However, there are various stipulations and exceptions regarding what you can and can’t do with external structures so it’s definitely worth having a thorough read of our article on planning permission for garden buildings to get an idea of all the necessary considerations in complying with the relevant regulations. If you’re in any doubt, check with your local authority’s planning department.

How to furnish a 4m wide garden room

A 4m garden room offers a blank canvas for creating an inviting and versatile space. When considering your options, start with the essentials, incorporating comfortable seating like sofas or lounge chairs to establish a cosy atmosphere. Of course, many of your choices will depend on your room's purpose – whether it's a home office, gym or relaxation haven – but it’s a good idea to opt for versatile furniture that can adapt to various settings, such as foldable tables or modular storage units.

A 4m garden room gives you plenty of space for shelving to showcase plants, books or decorative items, maximising both aesthetics and functionality. You can also utilise rugs to define distinct zones within the space and add a touch of warmth. Consider harnessing natural light with strategically placed mirrors to amplify the sense of openness. Finally, reflect your personal taste through textiles, cushions and artwork to make your garden room a comfortable retreat or workspace that seamlessly complements your lifestyle. There’s more inspiration in this article about decorating tips

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