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log cabin sale

Garden log cabins are a stylish, sturdy, and versatile addition to your property, adding valuable extra accommodation which you can use for a host of purposes,

log cabin sale

Garden log cabins are a stylish, sturdy, and versatile addition to your property, adding valuable extra accommodation which you can use for a host of purposes, from a comfortable home office to a hobby room, entertaining space, or simply a great place to sit and unwind with a hot cuppa and a good book. Here we explore the many different options we offer within our log cabin range – from smaller log cabins to large multi-room cabins; if you’re looking for extra garden accommodation, these buildings are tough, stylish, and handbuilt at our UK manufacturing facility. If you’re in the market for a log cabin but can’t quite decide which one is right for you, head over to our log cabin buying guide, which gives you the information you need to make the right decision.

Small log cabins

Small log cabins offer many of the same features as our larger offers. You get opening double-glazed windows, double-opening doors with lock and key for good security. Floors are constructed from tongue and groove timber with strong bearers, and the roof is well supported on sturdy roof trusses. We have smaller log cabins with pent or apex roofs and even options, including an integrated side shed for tidying away all your garden tools and equipment.

Large log cabins

Our larger log cabins continue the same quality features as our smaller offerings – opening double-glazed windows, locking double doors, tough, hard-wearing floors and roofs supported on strong trusses. As well as offering lots of internal space, our log cabins are available in versatile and stylish configurations. We offer corner cabins, cabins with curved roofs, verandas, and more. For our most luxurious offerings, check out our collection of premium log cabins, which feature sliding doors, multiple rooms, and high-quality hardware throughout.

Contemporary log cabins

Whether you’re looking for the airy headroom of an apex roof, the low-rise look of a pent roof, or the comfort of a wrap-around veranda, our contemporary log cabins offer modern styling at an affordable price. We also offer your choice of optional extras, including a wide variety of finishes in tasteful colours designed to make your garden building stand out for all the right reasons. If you’re searching for a wooden garden building with timeless style, our log cabins fit the bill.

Corner log cabins

A great way to make the best use of your outside space, a corner log cabin offers a light and airy space with dual-aspect windows and half-glazed double doors. Offering views of your whole garden, corner log cabins have lots of floor space, making them ideal for a wide variety of uses, including outdoor dining, a home gym, a games room, and much more.

Insulated log cabins

An insulated log cabin, also known as an insulated garden room, is the perfect choice if you're looking for a truly all-weather building for your outdoor space. With double-skinned walls, as well as insulation surrounding the floor, roof and all sides, it's the perfect choice if you want to maximise use from your new investment. 

Log thicknesses

Our traditional interlocking log cabins begin at 19mm and going all the way to 44mm, all our log cabins are built to last. Opting for thicker walls has several advantages – thicker walls offer better insulation from heat during the summer and the cold in wintertime. Thicker walls also help to reduce noise from outside for added peace and tranquillity. Whichever thickness you decide on, you’ll get the same 10-year anti-rot guarantee, 100% FSC-certified timber, and a quality product manufactured here in the UK.

If you're looking for an interlocking log cabin with even thicker log boards, why not try one of our bespoke log cabins?

Alternatively, our double-skinned insulated log cabins are available with 72mm double-skinned walls, all the way up to 100mm. They also come with double glazed windows as standard.

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