5m Garden Rooms

5m garden rooms offer bright and versatile spaces suitable for a wide range of uses.

5m garden rooms offer bright and versatile spaces suitable for a wide range of uses. Nestled in the serene tranquillity of your garden, an insulated garden room can provide year-round comfort and extra space to use for work, hobbies, entertaining, working out, dining and more.

Designed to comply with 'permitted development' rules, our 5m wide garden rooms offer you the chance to expand your indoor space options without the hassle of applying for separate planning permission – although do check out our guide to planning considerations for garden rooms.

Installation is included in the price – just either choose a ground screw base when you purchase, or install your own concrete foundation in place and we'll send a team of skilled installers to construct your new room. For guidance, see our garden room base installation guide. There are various options for making the most of your garden room – so read our buying guide to find out more.

Can I use my garden room in the winter?

Absolutely! Your garden room can be a cosy retreat during the winter months with just a few considerations. First, ensure proper insulation to maintain warmth, opting for double-glazed windows and well-insulated walls and flooring. It just so happens that our garden rooms have sturdy 72mm double-skinned walls and efficient EcoQuilt insulation technology, while the tongue and groove wooden floors feature Air Tech insulation. Buildings in the Sherwood range have 100mm double-skinned walls, giving even more insulation.

Make your 5m garden room even more welcoming for winter by incorporating effective heating solutions, such as electric heaters or a wood-burning stove, to create a comfortable ambience. You can find out more about the options available to you by reading our guide to heating a garden building in the winter. Also, consider stylish and warm furnishings, like plush rugs and throws, enhance the space's cosiness. Consider energy-efficient lighting to brighten darker winter days.

Embrace the season by decorating with winter-themed elements like warm-toned textiles and seasonal foliage. With thoughtful planning and suitable features, your garden room can transform into a welcoming haven during the winter, providing a delightful space for relaxation, work, or entertainment throughout the colder months.

Can I connect my 5m wide garden room to the WiFi?

WiFi is one of a few options for linking your garden room to the internet. Depending on where your garden room is positioned in relation to your WiFi hub, you might find you’re in range. However, it could well be the case that you need a signal booster to extend your WiFi coverage. If that doesn’t work, the quickest, easiest method of hooking up to the internet involves tethering to a mobile device – but using large amounts of data this way could have cost and stability implications.

If you need to regularly download large files, stream movies or make video calls, you’ll probably need a more permanent solution. Installing an ethernet cable, for example, will provide you with a reliable and steady connection. To find out about the various options in more detail, read our guide on how to connect your garden building to the internet.

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