Traditional Greenhouses

Traditional greenhouses are a practical and attractive addition to your garden ...

Traditional greenhouses are a practical and attractive addition to your garden. They create a well-lit and warm sanctuary for your plants, fruits and vegetables. Control the temperature with adjustable vent windows and keep your greenery protected from sun damage with UV-resistant styrene.

You can install a large greenhouse to grow out-of-season vegetables, tropical plants and whatever else comes to your imagination. Greenhouses also allow space to expand your gardening projects and have shelving to keep your gardening tools and accessories. No more rooting around to find that bag of bulbs you bought last year!

Keep appliances alongside your greenery with a classic shed greenhouse combo. A greenhouse shed is great for storing your gardening tools and equipment, ranging from bags of compost to a lawnmower. Check out our greenhouse buyer’s guide for additional guidance on choosing the right greenhouse.

Half-wall greenhouses

Half-wall greenhouses have a few inches of opaque material at the bottom of each wall so the glazing doesn't reach the ground. This provides shade for those seedlings that can’t handle full sunlight. All the wooden greenhouses in Waltons’ range have a half wall (or ‘dwarf wall).

Some people prefer to achieve this protection by painting the bottom panes of glazing, but it doesn’t offer the same defence from heat as a solid barrier like timber.

Combi greenhouses

Combi greenhouses have all the benefits of a protective environment for plants along with the storage capacity of a shed. Made from smooth, sustainable timber, our shed greenhouse combo has a butterfly catch and galvanised steel pad bolt for convenience and security.

The traditional apex roofline allows you to move around easily and provides ample room for installing extra shelving and tall pieces of equipment. Constructed with interlocking tongue and groove boards, these combi greenhouses are made to last. Install on a flat surface and ensure you choose a spot with plenty of light.