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shape up for summer

Insulated garden rooms from Waltons are a cost-effective way to create versatile extra living space which is easily customisable to your needs.

shape up for summer

Insulated garden rooms from Waltons are a cost-effective way to create versatile extra living space which is easily customisable to your needs. Because a garden room is separate from your main accommodation, it offers a measure of peace and privacy that’s perfect for uses like a garden office, a home gym, an art studio, or a relaxing retreat from which to enjoy your garden. If you’re interested in investing in a garden room, our ultimate guide to buying an insulated garden room offers a wealth of information to help you choose.

Insulated garden offices

Insulated garden offices provide a versatile and comfortable workspace solution with the convenience of working from home. Our home offices are high-quality buildings, ready-insulated using EcoQuilt technology and Air Tech floor insulation. You get double-glazed windows as standard, along with 72mm thick double-skinned walls (100mm thick with the Sherwood range), tongue and groove walls and roof, and a 10-year anti-rot guarantee. Such sturdy construction and robust insulation ensure your home office stays warm during the winter and cool during the summer. We also offer customisable layouts, giving you the flexibility to adapt your home office to suit your work needs, all while enjoying the benefits of a serene garden setting.

Garden room installation

When you buy a garden room from Waltons, free home installation comes as part of the package. A hassle-free process, you build the foundation – a concrete or paving slab base – and we’ll arrange for one of our expert teams to come and install your new room for you. Building a base for your garden room is easily within the capabilities of a proficient DIYer, or alternatively, it’s a simple job for your local landscaper or builder. For more information on constructing a suitable base for your outdoor garden building, make sure you check out our guide to building a paving slab base, along with our guide to concrete shed bases.

Premium insulated garden rooms

Premium insulated garden rooms from Waltons offer the very best wooden garden buildings designed for enduring quality and longevity. These superior buildings are engineered for year-round comfort and offer versatility and style. Our premium products feature 100mm thick double-skinned walls with EcoQuilt insulation, insulated tongue and groove roof construction, and a robust 16mm tongue and groove insulated floor with Air Tech insulation technology. Customisable with extra doors and windows to suit your own tastes and needs, our premium garden buildings are among the best you can buy in terms of both quality and comfort.

Cheap insulated garden rooms

DIY self-build garden rooms offer exactly the same construction standards as our other insulated garden rooms, but with self-build, you save on the extra cost of installation. Available in sizes ranging from a compact 2m width to a spacious 4m width, these self-build insulated garden rooms benefit from robust 72mm double-skinned walls filled with EcoQuilt insulation, durable tongue and groove flooring with Air Tech insulation, and standard double-glazed safety glass windows, our buildings come with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and FSC-certified wood, all proudly manufactured in the UK.

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