About Us - Our Story & Heritage

In 1878, a man named E.C Walton began a small beekeeping venture, and from there, the first shoots of the company we know today began to grow. Over time Waltons has changed, making summer houses in the Victorian era, and after WWII switching for making bungalows to creating some of the UK’s best quality garden sheds.

Throughout the time of Mr E.C Walton, his son or his grandson, there was always a commitment to making the best products possible, and adapting to the needs of the time. And this is still true today.

That’s why we have the latest machinery, and only use ethically sourced wood and hardwearing materials. Whether it’s something as grand an insulated garden rooms, or as small as a garden planters to grow your own, you can be sure of the same attention to detail that Mr E.C Walton used to put into his beehives.

Our Story