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Playhouses And Outdoor Toys Guide

A playhouse is a great investment which can give your children endless hours of fun and entertainment. The pirate playhouse brilliant for voyaging out to sea or the 8 x 6 bramble playhouse can become their very own garden cottage. Our 6 x 6 Dutch barn playhouse create a lovely quaint hideaway.

Each playhouse comes as a blank canvas, for you and your children to decorate as you'd like. Whichever playhouse you choose to decorate, we've got plenty of options for you to decide from.

There's lots to consider when deciding on the best playhouse for your family, so we've produced the Waltons ultimate guide to buying a playhouse. Download the guide to make sure you've asked yourself all the right question before making a decision.

Best for small gardens

Your children don't necessarily need a massive playhouse to have fun - our 4 x 4 snug playhouse will give them a wonderful place to play if you have a smaller garden. By giving your playhouse a theme when you decorate it, you can give your children the excuse they need to imagine all kinds of adventures in it. Why not create a mini beach hut? Or a pirate hideaway? The possibilities are endless!

Best tower

A tower playhouse is a fantastic way to get your kids playing outside. What better way to play than by imagining their very own tree top hideaway, or clambering up the ladder to spy out enemies who might be nearby? The slide will give them the perfect getaway if any of the baddies get too close, which is sure to give them hours of fun. Our top pick is the 7 x 5 poppy tower playhouse with slide, which our customer Valerie adapted so the slide was on the front. The slide will be a wonderful way for your children to dispense with some of their energetic enthusiasm!

Encourage imaginations

Looking for somewhere for your little one to express their creativity and enjoy outdoor play? The Snowdrop Playhouse with loft could be just the place! Our beautifully curated wooden playhouse is packed with fun and adventurous features including two levels for playing on, window boxes to fill and an elegant cottage design. With a lick of paint this playhouse can be transformed into a quaint country lodge, a princess paradise or a hobbit house. Transform the wendy house with a splash of colour to suit your child and let their imagination run wild!

Playhouse buying guide

Choosing the right playhouse involves looking at a few different things. There's a quick preview here, but download the full guide to make sure you've covered all your bases before you make that purchase.


Is plastic or wood the best material for your playhouse? Each has its merits, but which is the best overall for you?

Design features

Are you looking for a one or two storey playhouse? Whichever it is, what style do you want? Our guide shows you options to consider.


Do your children want a playhouse with a slide? A veranda? Perhaps even an adjoining swing! Consider your options - we'll help.

Safety features

Safety is a vital aspect to consider. All Waltons playhouses are made to comply with European Toy Safety Standards EN71 for ages 36 months+

Download the guide now, and get all the info you need so that you can choose the perfect playhouse for your family. Have a question? Give our friendly experts here at Waltons a call on 0800 029 1000, they'll be happy to help.