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How to turn your shed into a she-shed

13th June 2017

Many women dream of having the luxury of a room of their own. But not all homes have enough space to dedicate a whole room to luxury.

With this guide, you can bring that dream to life.

A garden shed is the perfect space for a she-shed. With a solid base, damp-proofing, power and heating, the shed can become a comfortable,warm, dry haven for reading, crafting or just relaxing with a glass of something nice.

Details are in the full pdf download, but here’s a summary of our guide to converting a new or existing garden building into the perfect she-shed.

how to turn your shed into a she-shed download button

She-shed conversion guide:

  1. Start your planning. Make two lists: one outlining what you will Use your she shed for, and another to list the Requirements that will arise.
  2. Plan your she shed’s layout and size, based on available space, Requirements and budget.
  3. Assess the state of any current shed, as well as its location to determine if there are any maintenance or positioning issues to deal with before conversion starts.
  4. Make a job list detailing what and who you will need, and when, for each job during the process.
  5. Damp-proof the structure with wood preservative, breathable membranes, and intact roofing felt.
  6. Thoroughly insulate the shed’s walls, floor and ceiling. Cover with plasterboard, tongue and groove or ply.
  7. Install electricity via either the mains, wind or solar power.
  8. Fit the shed with proper heating.
  9. Connect your she shed to the internet through your home. Use WiFi, a powerline adapter or even tether to your mobile.
  10. Fit your shed with a water butt and guttering, or connect to mains water.
  11. Secure the shed with sturdy locks.
  12. Furnish and install storage.
  13. Decorate according to your tastes.
how to turn your shed into a she-shed download button

Download the guide now, and create your perfect she-shed space.


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