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How to decorate your shed

How to decorate your shed

Decorating your shed? How would you like some expert advice from a top interior designer?

Here, courtesy of Sally Coulthard, author of 'Shed Decor' and 'Shed Chic', is the definitive guide to decorating your shed. Best of all, it's yours, for free to download and to share.

There's a lot to think about when you're decorating your shed. Here are some of main points you'll need to consider:

  1. Choose a style
    Choose a style. Sally's Country, Simple, Vintage or Retro suggestions are just a few ideas. Or you can dream up something completely different.
  2. Choose colours
    Sally guides you through three distinct colour schemes, and gives you help you choose your own. 
  3. Think about shed smart furnishings
    You can go so much further than just a chair and table. Patio rugs, wool throws, solar lights and storage baskets all help to enhance and organise your shed. Check out Sally's list!
  4. Remember exterior paints and finishes
    Think about the outside as well as the inside! Giving the exterior of your shed some attention gives your whole garden a lift, rather than just the building itself.

Your perfectly decorated garden shed is waiting for you! Download the guide now, and find the best way to decorate your garden shed. 

What are your top shed decoration tips? Let us know in the comments below.

Lead image: Sally Coulthard (Jacqui Small, LLP)

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