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Waltons guide to planning permission for sheds

Waltons guide to planning permission for sheds

If you're planning on buying a new garden building, whether it's a simple storage shed or a glorious log cabin to use as another living room, do you need planning permission?

Usually, no, but there are some circumstances where you have to at least be aware of the rules around planning, shed size and positioning, and how you intend to use your building.

Download our free pdf guide to planning permission for sheds, and learn everything you need to know.


The basics

You don't need planning permission if:

  • Your shed is under 2.5 metres tall (from ground height) at the eaves
  • Your shed is at least 1 metre from your property boundaries
  • The use is 'incidental to the enjoyment of the property'
  • You're not running a business from your shed
  • Your shed isn't located on land in front of the 'principle elevation' (i.e. not in front of your house)

Download our free guide for more detail, but if you're in any doubt whatsoever, contact your local planning office for more information.

Lead image: The Hemlock 5m x 3m Log Cabin from Waltons

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