11 Crafty and creative sheddies

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Across the UK people are getting up to all kinds of creative things in their sheds. We’ve hunted down some of the most interesting ‘sheddies’ who have transformed their gardens into amazing shedquarters for music, jewellery, model making, crafting and more. Some have even turned their creative hobbies into lucrative businesses. Take inspiration from this growing creative sheddie community and learn more about them here!

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Run a design studio - Hygge & Cwtch

Photograph of garden interior design studio in the evening
Annie’s cabin studio is a great source of inspiration
Image copyright: Aga Hosking Branding

When Annie started her interior and garden design business, Hygge & Cwtch, she decided to transform her log cabin into a design studio and work from the garden. Annie says that her designs are heavily “inspired by nature” and she loves “natural, uncluttered and timeless Scandinavian style”. Not only is her garden room a convenient place to work, it’s practically crucial. She says: 

It gives a separation from our family home and is great for my well being in that it is my happy place, and I love walking to the bottom of the garden every day to work here.

Visit her website to pick up tips and ideas for your next project. Want to know more about the benefits of connecting with nature and biophilic design? Studies have shown it to improve well-being and mental health, says Annie. And if you’re looking for ways to jazz up your outside space for a summer garden party, take a quick look at her blog. 

Practise your pottery - Kara Leigh Ford Ceramics

Woman standing outside garden pottery studio
Kara’s pottery studio has lots of huge windows for maximum light
Image: Kara Leigh Ford Ceramics

If you’ve always wanted your own little pottery studio, you’ll love seeing Kara’s set up over at Kara Leigh Ford Ceramics. Her light and airy 3m x 4m garden studio houses a workbench, two wheels, and lots of shelves. To fire her work, she also has a separate ‘kiln shed’.

Kara is a professional potter with an online shop, but she’s also a pottery teacher who generously shares helpful tutorials via her YouTube channel. From throwing a vase using 1lb of clay to refiring pottery that has already been glazed, there are tips for potters at every level. Looking for creative inspiration? Visit Kara’s Instagram page to see all the projects this talented artist dreams up in her shed!

Keep artisan skills alive - BOUND

Woman making handbound book inside garden studio
Susan creates handmade books in her shed using traditional bookbinding techniques
Image copyright: Alison Dewey / Society 13 Photography, 2023 

It took 15 years, 5 homes and 3 different studios to get here, the studio at the end of the garden we call ‘the cabin’,” says Susan Green of BOUND. “Don’t give up your daydreams of a creative space to call your own,” she adds. 

Susan’s garden studio is the creative zone from which she runs her traditional bookbinding business. Crafting one-of-a-kind leather journals, artist’s sketchbooks, memory books and more, her Instagram page is filled with gorgeous moodboards, unusual tools of the trade, creative accomplishments and images of the place where the magic happens, her gorgeous garden studio. Susan says: “I love being in my studio, whether I’m busy making books, working on personal creative projects, or just ‘sat sitting’.”

Record music - Lester’s Tune-a-Day

Man playing concertina in garden shed
Lester playing his concertina in the shed
Image source: Lester’s Tune-a-Day

Back in 2012, Lester Bailey from Lester’s Tune-a-Day decided to use his shed to record a melodeon tune every day. He’s now done well over 500! Check out his extensive repertoire - traditional English folk tunes, nursery rhymes for children and even a bit of Perry Como have all been recorded in Lester’s shed. “Why did I keep going?” he asks. “I kept meeting people who I'd never seen before who would sidle up and say ‘Thank you so much’...” We hope that Lester continues to make music in his shed for a long time to come!

Create useful content - Shedworking

Green wooden shed in garden
Alex's first office shed, where his business was created
Image: shedworking

An early convert to shed-working, Alex Johnson found it so difficult to get information about garden offices that he decided to research and publish his own blog - shedworking. It became so popular that it was even turned into a book: Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution (Frances Lincoln, 2010). Updated regularly, Alex’s website has grown into a comprehensive guide for people who work in garden offices and other shed-like buildings. 

Alex's blog has continued to provide an independent source of valuable tips for shed workers and crafting sheddies. Popular advice includes how to build your own garden office, how to heat it, and important changes to planning permission. If you spend more time working in your garden than working on it, this blog is essential reading.

Make space for a hobby - Shed Wars

Men in shed playing WarGames
Eric’s new wargaming shed 
Image: Shed Wars

Ever had a shed full of Daleks? ‘Eric the Shed’ has. He had to extend his previous shed three times to house his massive Wargaming collection, and now he’s moved house to get an even bigger space! 

Shed Wars blog is a fantastic way to learn how to build model Egyptian ruins, or make a volcano and big rivers and waterfalls as well as a friendly way to connect with the Shed Wars community. Eric says “the biggest highlight has been to share this great hobby with so many people.” Having a dedicated place to paint, design and set up your latest fantasy world is a luxury that frees up the spare room and lets you really indulge your creativity. 

Offer online craft workshops - Sooz in the Shed

Two knitted bears with handmade wooden buttons
These teddy bear buttons are just a taste of Sue's creativity
Image: Sooz In The Shed

Ever found yourself locked in your shed? Crafter and blogger Sue, from Sooz In The Shed, was stuck in hers for over two hours! The good news? Her shed is her workshop, so instead of being surrounded by shovels and spiders, Sue had her craft materials for company. 

Sue's 16x20ft shed houses everything she needs for her crafty creations. From glass-bead bracelets and patchwork quilts, to beautifully decoupaged chairs and Moroccan inspired clay tea sets - her talents know no boundaries. If you want to get involved, sign up for an online crochet workshop and pick up helpful tips. 

Set up an art studio - Jo Bund

Cat sitting on table in shed
Jo's craft shed is a favourite spot for everyone
Image: Jo Bund

Designer, maker and all-round mixed media artist, Jo from Jo Bund built her shed-studio as a light and airy workspace for her creations. Her inspirational blog features art from a wealth of disciplines; floral lino prints, abstract spirographs, and garden furniture mosaics to name just a few. As well as making wonderful abstract art, Jo upcycles old furniture like these shabby chic catalogue drawers with not much more than paper and glue. Lucky for us, Jo gives easy to follow step-by-step tutorials of her shed-based projects for anyone who fancies having a go.

Turn your shed into a gallery - Archie Proudfoot

Artist sitting inside decorated shed studio
The interior of Archie’s shed pays homage to the ‘tree of life’
Image: @archieproudfoot

Independent artist Archie Proudfoot creates original artwork, limited edition prints and site installations for a living. Turning his neglected shed, known as ‘The Frankenshed’, into a work of art in its own right scooped him the Shed of the Year Award 2023, beating over 200 other sheds in the process. He says that the gold leaf ‘tree of life’ on the back wall pays homage to an overgrown fig tree that once towered over the shed but needed to be cut down. 

Archie’s garden studio is a light, airy and inspirational place to spend time as well as a glorious home for his tools. Follow him at @archieproudfoot for creative inspiration and helpful tips like how to paint a perfect raindrop.

Work with wood - Tardis Builder

Man carving wooden TARDIS in shed studio
Gary makes TARDIS boxes in his garden workshop
Image: @tardis_builder

Some people have a humble shed in the back garden, but not Gary Dorr. He has a TARDIS workshop! A cabinet maker and long-time fan of Doctor Who, his beautiful boxes are handmade from hardwoods like poplar, ash, oak, and birch. They’re used as jewellery boxes, table lamps, clocks and even ring boxes for unusual proposals! Want to see more? Visit Gary’s Insta page, @tardis_builder, to scroll photos of his workshop set-up and builds.

Write a book - Ali Harris Writer

Author sitting inside writing shed
Ali Harris has a dedicated writing shed to work on her novels
Image: @aliharriswriter

Do you dream of writing a book? Over at @aliharriswriter, Ali says that her dedicated writing shed is her “happy place” and gives her a creative retreat where she can indulge her craft. At the same time, the separate space allows her to shut the door and leave work behind at the end of the day. Having already published three novels, this special garden room is where the magic happens. Follow her on Insta to see her gorgeous shed makeover and pick up tips on how to get your own work published

It’s clear that, all over the UK, people are unlocking the potential of their garden sheds by turning them into music venues, workshops, business shedquarters and even award-winning art installations! Do you use your shed for something special? Share it via social media using #mywaltons.

Lead image: 4m x 3m Helios Curved Roof Log Cabin from Waltons

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