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Workshop and garage sheds provide practical solutions for your property’s outside space.

Workshop and garage sheds provide practical solutions for your property’s outside space. They have the versatility and size to serve as multifunctional areas for hobbies, woodworking, DIY projects and organising your tools and other equipment, along with general storage. And as the name suggests, a wooden or metal garage shed is large enough to keep your vehicle and other items safe and secure, while also protecting them from the elements. A workshop or garage shed also provides the ideal space for vehicle maintenance. You’ll find a variety of options here, but if you need some more help to decide which type shed is right for you, check out our buying guide.

Garage workshop ideas

There are a range of options for creating the ideal space in your garage or workshop shed. The first thing to consider is whether you need to connect to the mains. You can find out how to do this by reading our guide yo powering your shed. If you are using your shed as a garage, then keeping it clutter-free should be your priority. Consider shelving and cupboard space for storing and organising your tools.

If you’re looking to use the shed as just a workshop, however, then you also need to think about the furniture you’ll need. For example, a strong table or workbench will give you a good base for your projects, and practical seating will help you to work and rest. Also consider adding a few home comforts, such as a fridge for regular refreshment.

Wooden garage workshop

The wooden garages and workshops for sale here are made from responsibly sourced timber with an anti-rot guarantee of at least 10 years. There are various window and door options, including gable-end or side openings, with windowless workshop and garage sheds also available. Designs feature either overlap or shiplap tongue and groove timber panels – you can find out more about these different construction methods in our overlap vs shiplap guide.

Metal garage workshop

A metal workshop or garage provides you with a robust and low maintenance solution. Metal is especially worth considering if security and sturdiness are among your top priorities. Our metal workshop sheds come with a 30-year anti-rust and corrosion guarantee and are designed and tested to withstand 147kmph winds, offering you plenty of protection from the elements.


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