Designed to deal with the rigours of Nordic weather, the StopDigging system offers a whole new way to give your garden building a safe foundation. No damage to grass, no need to pour concrete, just a safe, solid foundation that’s kinder on the environment and can extend the life of your garden building.

Once the team of installers are happy there are no underground obstructions, they use precision landscaping lasers to mark the area. Then, they drill the pilot holes for the StopDigging screws.

Using a pipe level, the installation team can then begin putting in the ground screws for your new garden building foundation.

With the screws fully in place, your shed, log cabin, insulated garden room or summerhouse can be installed safely, on a solid base that can deal with all types of weather, and can help to extend the lifespan of any garden building.

Quicker, cleaner and installed by a team of experts, the StopDigging ground screw system offers the perfect foundation solution on nearly all types of terrain.

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