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How to turn your shed into a playhouse

16 May 2017

Turn your garden shed into a bespoke playroom where children and teens can play or chill to their hearts' content.

Our info pack guides you through the process from damp proofing to decorating, and everything in between, giving you plenty of ideas for heating, lighting, mains hookup, and more along the way.

how to turn your shed into a playhouse download button

Playhouse shed conversion guide:

  1. Start planning the playhouse. Make two lists: one detailing what your children will use it for; the other listing the playhouse’s subsequent requirements.
  2. Work out the size and layout of the playhouse, according to your lists.
  3. Assess the state of your current shed and its location.
  4. Make a job list with dates. Be clear which jobs are for you (or your kids) or professionals.
  5. Start by damp-proofing the shed.
  6. Insulate the floor, ceiling, and walls, and cover with ply, tongue and groove or plasterboard.
  7. Install electricity via mains, solar or wind power.
  8. Install lighting, choosing from battery-operated push lights, or mains-operated fluorescent, halogen, LED or lamps.
  9. Install your choice of heating from solar air heaters, tube heaters, underfloor pipes, portable radiators, or convection heaters.
  10. Connect your shed to the internet via your home WiFi, tethering to a mobile, or powerline adapters.
  11. Install guttering and a water butt, or connect to mains water.
  12. Secure the shed.
  13. Install your storage.
  14. Decorate the playhouse with your children, according to their tastes. Then move in all the toys, games, and books they’ll need there.

how to turn your shed into a playhouse download button

Download the guide now, and get your kids involved in making the perfect playhouse in your garden.


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