Insulated Garden Rooms

  • How to start a business from your Insulated Garden Room

    Insulated Garden Rooms are typically cheaper than the cost of a home extension, cause less disruption and provide a work space separate from the home. So you have the benefits of a short commute with clear physical boundaries between work and home life.
  • 7 tips for setting up a gym in your shed

    Setting up a home gym is simpler than you might think. And if you create your gym inside a garden building or shed, you won’t need to lose a room or build an extension to do it.
  • How to create the best garden room office

    If you’re struggling for space in your home it's time to bite the bullet and install a garden office. We've asked lifestyle bloggers for their top tips on how to set up an office in your garden, and how to make your new workspace a happy and productive place to be...