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10 Awesome playhouses that your children will love

10 Awesome playhouses that your children will love

What makes a perfect playhouse? For some, it’s somewhere to hide away and play make-believe, or read. Others love a space to discover the joy of growing plants and spotting garden wildlife.

Want a woodcutter’s cottage? Or a punk chic playhouse? We’ve put together some ideas from our customers to inspire you to make your kids’ special place the best it could be for them. Take a look at this selection of our favourites.

We’ve got loads of practical and beautiful ideas from sheddie parents to help create the playhouse of your childrens’ dreams!

1 - Flower Patch

Painted blue 5 x 5 Poppy PlayhouseHow does your flower patch grow?
Image source: Waltons

Transforming the 5 x 5 Poppy Playhouse, sheddie dad Stewart created this flower patch playhouse for his twin girls, Luisa and Sofia. Sturdy laminate makes the floor more comfortable, and the girls’ toy table and chairs give them an ideal place to play, read and draw. The twins' own artwork on the walls make this playhouse a warm, personal space.

The wooden flowers over the blue paintwork, and the bright rainbow stripes on the veranda floor give the playhouse a happy feel. Stewart says: “I had great fun completing this transformation project; not sure who enjoyed fixing it up most - me, or the twins!”

Our favourite feature is the adorable green and yellow welly planters - perfect for some petite plants that the girls can tend to, with a little help from Dad, of course!

2 - Butterfly Cottage

Two images of pink painted butterfly Waltons snug playhouseDon’t flutter-by this butterfly cottage
Image source: Waltons

Think pink. Cristina did, when she set up this perfect space for her daughter after investing in the 4 x 4 Snug Wooden Playhouse. It’s the ideal spot for her to while away her summer days, playing and creating. She says:

“Our little girl totally adores her playhouse; she spends hours in it with her dolls cooking them nice meals with her toy kitchen, or reading them stories whilst sitting in her little chair”.

Cristina maximises the brightness of ‘butterfly cottage’ by using a light pink exterior with a white trim, and vinyl flower stickers. Multi-coloured bunting around the front of the playhouse features an assortment of cute illustrated creatures, which are a great inspiration for stories and make-believe.

Cristina’s daughter loves the playhouse so much that they're even looking at bigger models of this playhouse once she grows out of this one!

3 - Beekeepers Cottage

Grey and white Bramble playhouseThe place to bee!
Image source: Waltons

James created Beekeeper’s Cottage for his children, and designed it to fit in beautifully with the rest of the family garden. Decorative window boxes give a rustic country house feel, and the dream catcher hanging from the gable adds a touch of mystical chic.

The cottage’s muted colour scheme gives a calm, restful feeling, and a delicate butterfly on the front door adds to the aura of relaxed beauty. This double storey Snowdrop playhouse is ready to be filled with smiles and happy memories - we bet that James’s children never want to leave it!

4 - The Saloon

Painted tower Bramble playhouse with 'Houston Saloon' sign
Say “howdy” to this playhouse 
Image source: Waltons

Thinking beyond the ordinary playhouse, imaginative mum, Samantha Houston, added a huge saloon sign, weathervane and slide. She says:

“This is our children's playhouse, aka The Houston Saloon. Complete with curtains, indoor lighting, outdoor solar lighting around the sign and a cowboy boot wind vane”.

There’s a great view from the window of the playhouse to a sunken trampoline and putting green at the bottom of the garden. Samantha feels that putting it all together was definitely worth the effort. The kids love it, and it’s been an enormous success. We agree, and reckon that most children would be delighted to play there.

5 - Punk chic playhouse

Pink stripe Waltons Poppy playhouse
Garden anarchy in the UK
Image source: Waltons

Any punk-loving pop princess would be proud to call this their playhouse. Handy dad, Shaun, painted the 5 x 5 Poppy playhouse in bold, contrasting pink and black, and it stands proud at the end of the family garden. It’s a garden retreat that definitely wants to be noticed.

Matching pink planters and funky windmill flowers give the house a girly, individual look, and a cute red bird hanging over the door welcomes anyone who passes by. It’s a truly quirky, unique space.

6 - Pink Princess Playhouse

White and pink stripe Snug Playhouse
Like Victoria, give your 4 x 4 Snug Playhouse a new lease of life by painting it in fun colours
Image source: Waltons

Shed-loving mum Victoria gave her daughter Evie a Hello Kitty inspired playhouse for her birthday She says:

“My 2 year old daughter is in love with her birthday present.”

Bright pink and white candy stripes make it a cheerful and fun space for a little girl to play happily. An antique effect door knocker adds a homely touch, as do the delightful pastel curtains inside.

Victoria even added a personalised name plaque to the top of the house so that visitors would be in no doubt as to who this special space belonged to. A Hello Kitty chair at the front of the house gives Evie a spot where can relax in style and comfort whenever she pleases.

7 - Berry Burst Playhouse

Pink and blue 4 x 4 Snug Playhouse Berry colourful!
Image source: Waltons

What’s the simplest way to make a garden building stand out? A simple paint job can make a world of difference to a plain 4 x 4 Snug wooden playhouse. The purple, pink and blue hues used to decorate this playhouse make it look glorious in the summer sunshine.

Set in pride of place on this raised area in the garden, the matching flowerpot and ornament give a friendly and welcoming feel, while a friendly gnome nearby keeps guard.

With some curtains and a play kitchen inside, we’d guarantee that the children will never want to come out.

8 - Woodcutters Cottage

Unpainted Waltons Snug PlayhouseSee the wood for the trees
Image source: Waltons

Fancy going back to nature with your Waltons wooden playhouse? That’s exactly what Kristina did with her daughter’s hideaway. The natural stain on the wood gives a homespun feel to the playhouse, and it fits in beautifully with its surroundings. Nestling at the bottom of the family garden, it could be a secluded cottage in an enchanted forest!

Kristina is expecting a second baby, and the family have recently moved house. They wanted to give the playhouse as a gift to their first child as a little treat for taking to the changes in her life so amazingly. They’ve certainly done it in style. Kristina says:

“She loves it, calls it her 'den' and loves showing it off whenever we have visitors.”

We’d feel the same way too!

9 - Nature Cabin

Two images of subtly painted Waltons playhouse
Back to nature
Image source: Waltons

Mum, Claire, and daughter Gracie had lots of fun together creating this Nature Cabin for Gracie to spend her playtimes in. The subtle colours of the paintwork make the little house blend in with the rest of the garden, and the plants Claire has chosen give a natural and friendly feel.

Claire says that Gracie “loves her little playhouse”, and that she will be spending all summer outside. Gracie looks very happy with the results too.

10 - Strawberry Shortcake Playhouse

Two images of a Strawberry Shortcake Bramble playhouse
A sweet summerhouse treat
Image source: Waltons

Design-savvy Sarah and her husband built this magnificent Strawberry Shortcake playhouse for their daughter. A play kitchen is installed and carpets, fairy lights and cushion throws make the interior a warm, cosy environment for creative playtime. The white picket fence and matching bench outside give the playhouse a beautiful, homestyle finish.

Sarah says:

“It took us about two weeks on and off to complete the house, I painted it before my husband put it together and he took about five hours to build it!”

Sarah’s shopping for accessories ensure the inside looks just as perfect as the outside.

Thank you to our customers for sending in their photos of their decorated playhouses. We love to see our buildings being used and enjoyed, and it’s fantastic to see them decorated so beautifully! If you’ve bought a playhouse from us we’d love to see how you’ve customised it, so do share your photos and stories with us on our Facebook page.

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