Playhouses for Big Personalities

Playhouses for Big Personalities

Playhouses are a great way to encourage imaginative play and creativity in children. But, why settle for something plain and ordinary when you can create a space that reflects your child's unique personality and interests? You can transform your child's playhouse into a magical world that provides endless hours of fun, with a little bit of imagination and some simple accessories. We’ve put together some ideas for different playhouse themes to cater to your child's big personality:

Tea party playhouse

This Snug Playhouse is a perfect place for tea parties

If your child loves to have tea parties with their stuffed animals, why not create a tea party-themed playhouse? Use pastel colours and floral patterns to decorate the playhouse, and add some tea sets, a play kitchen and a table and chairs. You can also include some dress-up clothes and hats for a more sophisticated experience. Your child can not only learn to play independently, they can also have great fun serving drinks and snacks to their friends or siblings.

Couple this cosy interior with a cottage themed exterior, with hanging baskets to give life to the building, and paint the walls in your child’s favourite colour. The Snug playhouse in our customer’s image above has been transformed into a child’s make-believe home away from home.

Beach shack playhouse

Beach shack playhouse
The Poppy Playhouse is a great place to enjoy the summer

Give your child a space to shelter from the sun and enjoy the warm summer months with a beach shack themed playhouse. Add a colourful paint job to replicate that of an idyllic beach hut, an apex roof will also help you complete this look. Include a paddling pool, sand pit and deck chair to give them the feeling of being beside the sea, all from the comfort of the back garden! 

A beach shack themed playhouse will allow you and your child to make lasting memories as a family, as well as making the whole garden feel like a heavenly coastal escape.

Wild west playhouse

Wild west playhouse
Make your child the sheriff of the garden with the Dahlia Playhouse

What better way is there to unleash your child’s imagination than to bring the Wild West into their back garden? Any child will love to spend their days catching the most notorious outlaws in the west as the Sheriff of the garden, or wrangling cattle as a cowboy on their own ranch. 

Easily transform your playhouse into an Old Western paradise by keeping a rustic finish on the main building whilst adding a couple of bright accent colours to the doors and window frames, the pent roof of the Waltons Dahlia Playhouse will further enhance the look. A Sheriff’s badge will perfectly complete the exterior of your playhouse, or paint a sign onto the front in a Western style font! Then watch as the playhouse comes to life as a jailhouse, saloon or even a stable.

The 3Ps - Perfect Place for your Playhouse

Hidden tree house playhouse
Find the perfect secluded area, like this Poppy Playhouse with a tower

Your child is sure to find their inner explorer with their own secret den, tucked away in the greenery of your garden. A playhouse with a tower would be the perfect choice for this secluded style, creating the look of every child’s dream tree house! Your treehouse den will look perfect in a rustic wood coloured stain, or go for a true secret hideaway and paint the playhouse in green or even camouflage. Just make sure you have enough room to build a solid, level base for your building, as well as allowing enough space around the sides to allow proper ventilation of the timber. 

Fill the interior with bean bags and cushions, and your playhouse will be good to go!

Fairy magic playhouse

Fairy playhouse
This Poppy playhouse will add charm to any garden

Add a touch of magic to your garden by decorating your child’s playhouse in the style of a dreamlike fairy grotto. By using bright, pastel tones and as much glitter (or pixie dust) as you can find, your child will be able to while away their summer days playing make-believe as their favourite fairy characters. 

To really go the extra mile, add stepping stones leading up to the playhouse to maximise the enchanted, make-believe feel as well as adding a beautiful feature to your garden. Adding fairy wings to the top of the playhouse is also sure to enhance the magic. Fill the interior with wands, tutus, fairy tale books and even a table and chair for crafting. This is sure to complete the enchanted look!

Safari adventure playhouse

Safari playhouse
The Dahlia Playhouse with a tower makes the perfect safari outpost

Any animal loving child will love to play in a safari themed playhouse. This Waltons Dahlia Playhouse is fully equipped with a tower for scouting out new species and vines to pretend to swing through the wilderness. This style looks great painted in bold, earthy tones with your child’s favourite wild animals painted on the side, animal print would work perfectly too! 

If your playhouse is still looking empty, why not add some binoculars, a compass, and a map, all set for an adventure in the wild. A few plants or small trees will also add to the safari theme, alongside some seating so your child can comfortably sit and read about their favourite explorers.

Pirate’s galleon playhouse

Pirate Playhouse
Set sail on the Poppy Playhouse with a tower and slide

A striking pirate ship playhouse will be the perfect style if your child’s dream is to find hidden treasure or set sail on their own pirate adventure. A dark coloured building with red or blue features is the perfect starting point for this transformation, and a skull and crossbones flag is a must have for the most menacing ship in the garden! 

Deck out the interior with a treasure chest for your child to keep their prized possessions and give them a table and chair to lay their treasure map. Pirate costumes, a telescope and a pirate ship steering wheel are all sure to enhance the look. Then your child will be all ready to hoist the anchor and depart on the quest of a lifetime!

Looking for more inspiration? Browse our full range of high quality wooden playhouses and get your imagination running wild!

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