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How to build a shed base

How to build a shed base

Your new shed or garden building is only as good as the the base you build it on. That's why, to help you get it right, we've compiled this guide to how to build a shed base (pdf guide).

Our guide gives you detailed instructions for all the main types of foundation. Whether you're interested in a wood, patio slab, concrete or ground screw shed base, or have yet to make up your mind, this free guide is yours to download and share.


You can normally do the bulk of the work for your base in a day. Whichever kind of base you build, there are a few basic principles that you do need to adhere to:

Make sure you have enough space to get all the way around your shed.

space all around garden shed
It's vital you place your shed in a position that gives all-round access

You'll need to be able to get round your shed when you're doing regular maintenance such as treating the timber or clearing away plants that are growing next to the building. Make sure you have clear access on all sides.

Check that your ground is clear and level.

Closeup of grass in garden
Make sure your installation space is completely level and clear of overgrown plants

A base that's not level won't support your shed properly. Over time you'll find that the timber moves with changes in temperature and humidity. An uneven base will result in the building's structure losing its integrity over time. A proper base will lengthen your shed's life considerably.

Build your base according to the instructions

shed base under construction
A shed base kit will come with instructions - follow them to the letter!

Whether it's wood, paving slab or concrete, avoid short cuts that might result in a bumpy or lopsided base. Make checks at every stage to ensure your base is completely level. An uneven base will shorten the life of your shed.

Install your shed on top of the base.

Waltons Garden Building built on wooden base
Once your base is finished and level, install your garden building, and enjoy.

Once your base is complete (and dry, if you've chosen concrete), install your shed, cabin or summerhouse according to the instsructions. A well-maintained garden building on a solid, level base gives years of service and enjoyment. Whether you're using your shed for storage, an office, an entertainment space or workshop, remember that the base is the most important component.


Download our free guide to building a shed base - it's an achievable task for any competent DIYer.

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