Customer Story - Amy's Insulated Garden Room

Customer Story - Amy's Insulated Garden Room

Waltons insulated garden room offers the perfect solution for those looking to extend their home into the garden. Whether you need a personal gym, home office or simply additional living space for the whole family to enjoy.

Like many of us in the UK, Amy has found a way to adapt her home to create space and entertainment for the whole family. We spotted Amy’s photos on her Instagram account @ourhaxbyhome and we had a chat with her to find out more about her garden room.

From inspiration to installation, Amy has told us how she transformed her 4m x 3m Insulated Garden Room into the ultimate garden retreat. A place in which she and her family can have fun and make memories all year round!

Choosing the right garden room

What made you decide the 4m x 3m insulated garden room would be the perfect choice?

The size was perfect for the space we had, and we liked the fact that we could customise the design.

Waltons unpainted Insulated Garden Room newly installed
The 4m x 3m Insulated Garden Room fits perfectly into this corner of Amy's garden

Garden room installation

Amy prepared the space perfectly by installing a firm and level base for her new garden building to sit on. Power was installed using underground cabling, which is not only a practical option, but it also gives the finished garden room a refined look.

Laying down underground cables for Insulated Garden Room
Under ground cabling has been laid to create a neat and tidy finish, while being extremely practical


Smoothing over underground cables for Insulated Garden Room
The power cables were covered with soil and flattened out ready to be finished by concrete slabs


Concrete patio slabs as base for Waltons Insulated Garden Room
Concrete slabs were laid to create a perfect flat and firm base for the garden room to sit on

Customising and decorating the garden room

We love the cream and dark grey paint you've chosen for the exterior. How else did you customise your garden room?

We opted to take out a couple of the windows so that we could really make the most of the space inside - the process of customisation was really easy too which we were really surprised about. Waltons were really accommodating.

Side view of grey and cream Insulated Garden Room
We love this beautiful shade of cream paired with bold grey accents creating a stylish and contemporary look

We noticed you’ve installed rustic wood panelling, a bar and darts board inside your garden room. What was your inspiration when it came to decorating?

The space has been heavily influenced by my husband’s love of music. But we also wanted a traditional pub-type feel. We’re really happy with how the two have combined.

Interior of Waltons insulated garden room with wood panelling walls and dart board
The rustic wood panelled wall completely transforms the interior of this garden room

The finished result

What would you say is the main use of your garden room? 

My husband uses the room for practising guitar (the fact it’s insulated means this doesn’t annoy the neighbours too much).

We have also enjoyed time in the space as a family listening to music and playing on the arcade. The kids have used it as a hang-out. We had a Hawaiian party in the garden room for my daughter’s birthday. And obviously the grown ups have enjoyed a few gin’s in there as well!

Interior of insulated garden room with corner garden bar
This corner of the log cabin has been turned into a bar


We are so happy with the space. The whole process from ordering to installation was seamless and it’s given us a really valuable addition to the house for the whole family.

Cream and grey Insulated Garden Room exterior photo with gravel
Amy has laid stone gravel around the garden room, and we think it finishes off the look perfectly


Nighttime image of Waltons Insulated Garden Room with exterior lights
How cosy and welcoming does this garden room look in the evening? Amy has done a wonderful job.

How have you got snaps of your Waltons Insulated Garden Room you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear all about it over on our Instagram or Facebook page! Or share it with us on social media using the hashtag #MyWaltons.

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