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A summer house is the perfect garden building to escape to for some peace and tranquillity. Thousands of people in the UK are finding that a garden bolt-hole is the ultimate retreat - the perfect staycation destination!

Anne has had her summer house for 5 years and this year, she decided it was time for a makeover. She shared the photos with us and we were blown away - we simply had to find out more! So we spoke to Anne to get the details on why she chose the 10 x 8 Helios Summer House, how she created this stunning space and where her inspiration came from.

Why did you choose the Helios 10 x 8 Summer house?

I chose my Helios summer house as I liked the shape of the roof and the size was exactly what I wanted. It was very reasonably priced and I also chose to have it fully assembled. It was up in no time and I couldn’t wait for it to be painted and ready to use.

Blue and navy painted summer house with blinds covering windows
We can't get enough of the soft grey colour used by Anne on her summer house!

What do you use your summer house for?

I have had it for five years now and use it to sit and relax in and look out at my garden.  I love to listen to my radio and sometimes take a book in to read. My grown up children use it too, it is just such a lovely place to relax in. It has been especially good during these difficult times and is somewhere to escape to with your thoughts. I had afternoon tea with my sister for my birthday and used it for my daughter's 30th birthday in the summer too as we had a small family celebration in the garden.

Flower wall with lights and statement chair
How gorgeous is the flower wall installation in Anne's summer house?
Rose gold balloons saying 'Bernie's 30th' against flower wall in Waltons summer house
Celebrating 30 in style with a Waltons summer house!

How did you customise your summer house?

I have not really done any extra work other than painting it inside and outside and also staining and varnishing the floor. As my husband is a painter it was painted to within an inch of its life. I have also installed venetian blinds which are great for when the sun is too bright.

Mint green bicycle with flowers in basket
We absolutely love how Anne has transformed her summer house with a splash of paint!

What inspiration did you have for decorating your summer house?

I originally decorated it in a sort of tropical theme but this year I decided it was time for a makeover. I took some inspiration from a hotel I have stayed in in Edinburgh, it has an area which is full of flowers on the walls and roof and I wanted to emulate that.

Mint green bicycle next to flower wall and statement chair
Anne was inspired by a gorgeous hotel she'd visited - we think she nailed it!
Rose gold statement chair against summer house window
How wonderful is this statement seat?

What do you think of your finished summer house?

I love it and am very happy with the end result, I have always wanted a summer house and it is everything I hoped it would be. It is especially lovely at night when all the fairy lights are twinkling.  And last but not least my pug Hugo loves it.

Closeup of a pug sitting amongst flowers
It looks like Hugo loves Anne's summer house as much as we do!

How have you transformed your Waltons summer house? We’d love to hear all about it over on our Facebook page! Or share it with us on social media using the hashtag #MyWaltons.

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