Customer Story - Karen's Insulated Garden Room

Customer Story - Karen's Insulated Garden Room

From a personal gym to a staycation destination, a Waltons insulated garden room makes the perfect extension of your home. So whether you're in need of a home office, hobby room or place to relax with the family, our garden rooms offer a multifunctional space that can be customised to suit you!

Like many around the UK, Karen has been working from home for most of the year. By opting for a 4m x 3m Insulated Garden Room, she has been able to create her dream home office in the garden, and we think it looks fabulous! We caught up with Karen to discover more about how she created this fantastic garden office, from inspiration to installation.

Why did you choose the 4m x 3m Insulated Garden Room?

I chose the Waltons 4m x 3m Insulated Garden Room for a few different reasons. It was very good value for money and I loved the modular design, which meant we could have the windows and doors positioned to suit our location. As we wanted to use it year round, we needed it to be insulated. I just use a heater for a short time first thing in the morning, and so far I have been impressed with how much warmth it retains until late in the evening. 

Side view of painted Waltons Insulated Garden Room
How fabulous does Karen's home office look in her garden?

What do you use your garden room for?

As I am now permanently working from home, a scenario brought forward by Covid, I wanted a spacious, light environment to work in with nice views. I now have the best window seat I have ever had in over 30yrs of office working. Working from the garden means I disturb my husband less as he works nights, plus the dogs are happy, as they can join me, or enjoy laying on the grass when the weather allows me to have the doors open. In the evenings and weekends it also gets used as a summer house.

Interior of Waltons Insulated Garden turned home office with carpets, double desk and window blinds
We love Karen's dream home office - comfy chairs, spacious desk and views of the garden.

What extra work did you put in to customise your garden room to suit you?

We created a large very sturdy decked area for the Garden room to sit on and will be altering the steps from the house to add a gravel path, as soon as the electrics are finished. We are currently waiting on the electrician to install the electrics and lights. We had one extra window added so that both the 2 desks would have plenty of natural light and views up the garden.

We love the colour you've chosen! What inspiration did you have for decorating your garden room?

We decided we liked the pine interior, so we varnished the inside, and painted the outside a grey to give it a modern look. When my office was cleared out I collected a couple of desks and chairs, we then added hard wearing carpet tiles and vertical blinds. As we wanted a sofa, to use in the evenings we decided to make it a sofa bed, so that someone could sleep over in it if necessary.

Front view of painted grey Insulated Garden Room
How beautiful is the contemporary soft grey Karen has used to paint the exterior? We think it looks great!

Waltons insulated garden rooms come with installation included. How did you find our installation service?

We were very impressed with the installation, the 2 installers worked very hard all day, even through the rain, and they did a fantastic job. They also took time at the end to explain how we could put the electric cable into the building and what we needed to do to protect it.

And finally, now you're all settled in, what do you think to your finished garden room?

The finished building is of the quality I would expect for the price and am very happy with it. I would certainly recommend Waltons for anyone looking for a similar building. I am now more than happy to turn the video camera on in our work meetings, and I have several jealous colleagues.

Garden overview with Waltons Insulated Garden Room with dog
Karen's 4m x 3m Insulated Garden Room fits perfectly into her garden. It looks like the dogs are happy too! 

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