Best sheds 2020

Best sheds 2020

There’s nothing we love more than seeing how our customers have transformed their new Waltons garden building. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite customer images that have been shared with us so far this year, so as to inspire your own sheddie journey.

Jonny’s shed

Jonny's shed 1
We love Jonny's new shed!
Image source: Jonny P.

Jonny shared his new Waltons shed with us over on Facebook. We love the cool blue shade he’s opted for - it fits in well with the rest of his garden, without commanding too much attention. Isn’t this wonderful? Johnny opted for 14 x 6 pent shed.

Hannah’s shed

Hannah's shed 1
We love Hannah's sheddie renovation.
Image source: oldandtired_to_chicandinspired.

We love how Hannah has transformed her 8 x 6 pent shed! The dark colour is really striking, and really stands out in the garden. Hannah shared her new shed with us over on Instagram.

Ebony’s shed

Ebony's shed 1
We love everything about Ebony's shed.
Image source: ebony.katherine.

We’re in awe of Ebony’s new potting shed turned art studio! While it’s not exactly what everyone would use their potting shed for, we’re glad to see that Ebony’s making good use of her new Waltons garden building. Isn’t this gorgeous? Ebony shared her new 8 x 6 potting shed with us over on Instagram.

Ebony's shed 2
The perfect creative space.
Image source: ebony.katherine.

Clayre’s shed

Clayre's shed 1
What a gorgeous shed!
Image source: athomeinthevillage.

We love a colourful shed makeover! And Clayre’s shed is no exception. She opted for the 6 x 4 pent shed, and has done a wonderful job of transforming it. Isn’t this bunting adorable? Clayre shared her new shed with us over on Instagram.

Clayre's shed 2
Isn't that bunting adorable?
Image source: athomeinthevillage.

firsthomeatno.10’s shed

firsthomeatno.10's shed 1
Isn't this shed wonderful?
Image source: firsthomeatno.10.

We love how firsthomeatno.10 have transformed their new 8 x 6 shiplap shed! Isn’t this colour gorgeous? The addition of the fairy lighting along the side of the shed and fence is a brilliant way to give your garden more personality. You can find out more about this particular shed over on the firsthomeatno.10 Instagram.

firsthomeatno.10's shed 2
We love the addition of fairy lights.
Image source: firsthomeatno.10.

Steven’s shed

Steven's shed 1
We love the new roof tiles Steven's added to his shed.
Image source: Steven C.

Steven’s new 4 x 6 reverse apex shed blends in well with the rest of his patio area. Take a look at that beautiful green paint in contrast to the roof tiles! We love how Steven’s adapted his new shed. Steven shared his new shed with us over on Twitter.

Steven's shed 2
The perfect shed.
Image source: Steven C.

Nikki’s shed

Nikki's shed 1
Nikki's shed fits in perfectly with the rest of her allotment.
Image source: nikkis_gardening_obsession.

Nikki’s allotment looks lovely and inviting, especially with her new 6 x 4 pent shed taking up residence! It fits in perfectly with the rest of her allotment space. Nikki shared her new shed with us over on Instagram.

The Spencer’s shed

The Spencer's shed 1
Just look at all those friendly sunflowers!
Image source: the_spencers_at_plot_13.

The Spencer’s new shed seems right at home with these friendly sunflowers to keep it company down on the allotment. Isn’t this lovely? The whole Spencer family worked hard to get their new 6 x 4 overlap shed set up, and then they shared it with us over on their Instagram.

The Spencer's shed 2
We love the blue shade the Spencers have opted for.
Image source: the_spencers_at_plot_13.

our_first_home_60’s shed

our_first_home_60's shed 1
There's nothing quite like a smart shed.
Image source: our_first_home_60.

Every gardener worth their salt knows the merits of a good quality shed, so it’s no surprise that our_first_home_60 chose to add our 8 x 6 overlap shed to their garden space. Isn’t this wonderful? The kids have even taken over some of the door space inside! They shared their new shed with us over on Instagram.

our_first_home_60's shed 2
Somebody's making good use of the available space!
Image source: our_first_home_60.

How have you transformed your Waltons shed? We’d love to hear all about it over on our Facebook page! Or drop your customer images over in an email to

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