Potting Sheds – The all in one shed!!

Lead image of Waltons wooden potting shed with wording 'Potting sheds - the all in one shed'

The potting shed is the most versatile of buildings. Ideal for serious gardening, storage and workshop use, it really is the hardworking shed that does it all.

Can’t decide between this, a traditional greenhouse and a combination greenhouse? Our handy guide will help you make an informed choice.

What is a potting shed?

Aerial view of a potting shed
Potting sheds are perfect for storing delicate seedlings & young plants
Image: Waltons 8 x 6 Shiplap Single Door Potting Shed Wooden Greenhouse

The potting shed is the heart of any garden or allotment. Designed to store equipment and provide a comfortable place to pursue your favourite hobby, it accommodates the best of both worlds when outdoor space is at a premium.

Generally made of wood, this hybrid shed has one side of glass or transparent perspex. This large window is usually slanted to catch the best of the sun on autumn and spring days.

Why get a potting shed?

Interior of Waltons wooden potting shed
Potting sheds are widely regarded as the 'ultimate garden building'.
Image: Waltons

A potting shed provides you with a warm, dry place in which you can sow seeds, pot seedlings and prune and deadhead potted plants, all without breaking your back. With a large shelf at comfortable working height, you’ll even start to enjoy those tasks that used to aggravate your sciatica.

There’s plenty of room for storing and tidying away all your gardening equipment – think of it as a garden shed crossed with a greenhouse.

Why choose a potting shed over a greenhouse?

Interior of Waltons potting shed in use
Potting sheds are easier to keep warm all year long.
Image: Waltons

Can’t decide between a potting shed or a greenhouse? Well, a potting shed is easier to keep warm throughout the year. The wooden sides and solid roof keep temperatures higher, protecting your young, vulnerable seedlings.

It’s also sturdier than the traditional greenhouse, and less vulnerable to breakage from a badly aimed football or tennis ball. And it’s a more secure option for those wishing to store tools on an allotment, for instance.

A practical option for the gardener who wants somewhere to store gardening equipment, it’s easy to organise with shelving and hooks, keeping your garden nice and tidy.

Still can’t decide between a greenhouse or potting shed?

Waltons wooden combi greenhouse and shed
With a combination greenhouse you don’t have to make the choice
Image source: Waltons 12 x 6 Shiplap Combi Greenhouse & Wooden Storage Shed

The potting shed is a great all-rounder for your garden. However, it does provide less light than a greenhouse, so if you’re looking for somewhere to grow on your fruit and vegetables throughout the year, it might not work for you.

If you really can’t decide between the two, you could opt for a combination greenhouse like the one pictured above. This hybrid has the sturdiness and storage capacity of a large wooden shed, with a separate greenhouse growing room.

Positioning your potting shed

Before you purchase a potting shed, consider the space you have available in your garden or allotment. The large window must face south to maximise the light and heat that comes in from the sun.

You’ll also need a strong, flat base on which to construct it. You can use paving slabs or solid concrete to support its weight and prevent water from getting underneath, prolonging its life.

We think you’ll agree that a potting shed is a truly versatile garden building. Whether you go for a traditional design or hedge your bets with a combination greenhouse, you’re sure to spend many happy seasons in your new garden retreat.

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