Why buy a plastic shed?

Why buy a plastic shed?

A plastic shed is an ideal weather-proof, storage solution for your bikes and DIY tools. Long-lasting, with hassle-free assembly, these polycarbonate sheds are a great way to secure your gardening gear and patio set.

What’s good about plastic sheds?

Grey and white pent shed against fence
Available in a range of styles and shapes, plastic sheds can fit in any sized garden
Image: Canopia by Palram Voyager Plastic Shed from Waltons

Plastic sheds are maintenance-free. Plastic doesn’t rot or rust. Unlike wooden sheds, you’ll never have to give them an annual treatment or fresh coat of paint.

Plastic is impermeable, which is perfect for keeping out rain, snow, and ice. It’s unaffected by water, so plastic sheds not only tend to outlast wood and metal buildings, they’ll also keep all your belongings perfectly dry.

Plus, they’re easy to clean. Just scrub using a brush and soapy water, or hose down with a pressure washer, and you’re done in just a few minutes!

How long does a plastic shed last?

Amber coloured plastic shed in garden
Constructed from UV-treated panels, these sheds are designed not to degrade over time
Image: Canopia by Palram 6 x 12 Skylight Shed - Amber from Waltons

Today’s ultra-resilient polycarbonate materials are made to stand the test of time. While it’s true that most plastic products degrade and fade in the sunshine, Waltons’ plastic sheds are made from UV treated panels, designed to keep their colour and not fade over time. Their structure is supported with aluminium framing, and is built to be resistant to extremes in weather. 

Waltons and other good manufacturers guarantee their sheds between five to twelve years, and in most cases, a quality plastic shed will give you a lifetime of trouble-free use.

Will a plastic shed blow away?

Bolting down plastic shed
Anchor your plastic shed to its base to ensure it stays firmly fixed to the ground.
Image: Waltons

Polycarbonate sheds offer plenty of protection from wet weather, but they’re lightweight, so there is a risk of them being blown over, or even blown apart, in strong winds.

So choose wisely, and install well. Reinforced with aluminium frames, Waltons’ plastic sheds are strong and sturdy enough to resist the effects of wind. As long as the anchor points are secured to a well-made, level shed base, there’s little to no chance a plastic shed will blow away in normal UK weather.

How complicated is a plastic shed to build?

Oversized 6 x 12 cream and brown shed
This 6ft x 12ft shed has ample room for the lawnmower, garden tools, bikes, and the patio set.
Image: Canopia by Palram 6 x 12 Skylight Shed - Tan from Waltons

Construction is straightforward, and two people with basic DIY skills can put a plastic shed together in just a few hours. Bolting the frame to a secure base will ensure extra protection against blustery conditions. 

How practical is a plastic shed for storage?

Plastic shed with double doors open showing organised interior
A plastic shed satisfies many storage needs
Image: Canopia by Palram Rubicon 6 x 8 Plastic Shed from Waltons

Waltons’ plastic sheds are available in a range of sizes. They’re perfect for the smallest and largest gardens, and can provide ample storage space for everything from the kids’ toys to the patio set. Adding full-height shelving really makes the most practical use of the space inside. 

A shed with double doors at one end will make access to your stuff a lot easier, and the skylight roof panels let the daylight in, making it easier to find everything, while the same time repelling harmful UV rays that can cause items like garden furniture cushions to fade.

While the inside of your shed will always be protected from the elements, condensation can sometimes pose a problem. It’s always important to choose a shed with ventilation to allow for natural air circulation.

How secure is a plastic shed?

Pad bolt supplied on Waltons plastic shed
It’s easy to fit the supplied pad bolt to your plastic shed
Image: Waltons

Polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable, and the aluminium frame adds extra strength. Having a windowless shed reduces the risk of break-ins from opportunists, and the opaque skylight roof panels of Palram sheds stop anyone looking in. Lastly, air vents and the door bolt should be securely latched for peace of mind.

There’s plenty more you can do to secure your shed, though. Consider siting your shed away from low walls or fences, or even behind prickly bushes to deter intruders. Check that the roof is securely fastened to the walls and can’t easily be pried off. Security lights are an excellent deterrent to would-be thieves, and if you want to go all-out, you can invest in cameras and burglar alarms to ensure your belongings stay safe.

Make sure you use a good quality padlock on the shed’s pad bolt, and if the worst should happen and your fortifications are breached, keep anything particularly valuable in a locked cabinet, preferably bolted to the shed base.

A good quality shed of any material is a huge asset to any garden or allotment, and is a great investment in your home. If you’re still not sure what kind of building to go for, have a look at our shed buying guide for more info and inspiration.

Lead image: Canopia by Palram 6 x 4 Skylight Pent Shed - Amber from Waltons

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