Greenhouses for a smaller garden

Greenhouses for a smaller garden

There’s no need to miss out on growing fruit and veg just because your garden is a little smaller than average - there are greenhouses for small gardens, too! If you think about the space you’ve got available to you, and how you can best use it, you can still bring a bountiful crop into your kitchen at the end of the growing season.

Choose the best garden greenhouse

Narrow greenhouse in garden
Try to buy the biggest greenhouse your space and budget will allow
Image: 6x6 Evesham wooden greenhouse from Waltons

When it comes to choosing a greenhouse, you should think of buying as big a greenhouse as you can afford. However if you’re too limited by space to get a 6ft x 6ft wooden greenhouse, you might want to consider getting a mini wooden greenhouse. These will make the most of what little space you have to grow your seeds, though they may fall victim to adverse weather conditions due to their lightweight nature, and they don’t tend to be fixed to a solid base or support frame.

Another great option for saving space in your already limited garden, is a lean-to greenhouse. This attaches to the wall of your house or garden wall, and is great for saving space.

If you have to choose between getting either a shed or a greenhouse, a potting shed is a good balance between the two. You can store all of your garden tools, while having somewhere to house your seedlings at the same time.

But no matter which greenhouse you choose for your small garden, it's worth noting that all the Waltons greenhouses can be professionally set up in your garden. Read our Installation Services page for more advice.

Maximise space in your greenhouse

Shelving in a small wooden greenhouse
Shelves can help increase growing space in a narrow greenhouse.
Image source: Shutterstock.

If you already have your smaller greenhouse in your garden, but still find that you’re struggling to find more space for your pots, then you need to plan your greenhouse layout. Staying organised will be key to making sure you have the maximum amount of area possible to grow to your heart’s content!

Calculate the surface area you have to play with, so you can plan what you can grow through the year. Take a look at how much floor space you can allow for pots, as well as any other places above the ground you can use to grow some greens. Remember to leave enough ground room to get to your plants!

Adding shelves can help to create more growing space, as they allow you to use the room above ground level that would otherwise be wasted. With shelves, you’ll have more places to put more pots! This may not be possible in a mini wooden greenhouse, as the structure is too small.

Create a sowing schedule for your greenhouse

6x3 Evesham Lean-to Wood Frame Greenhouse against wall
If you don't have much space, a lean-to greenhouse is a great solution
Image: 6x3 Evesham Victorian Growhouse from Waltons

The best way to make the most of the space you’ve got, is to plan what you want to plant year round. That way, when some of the plants get bigger, you can move them to outside the greenhouse to make more room for more seedlings.

As the months grow warmer, and the threat of frost dissipates, you can start moving some of your larger plants out of the greenhouse to make room for younger greenery. This also gives you the chance to grow even more things throughout the year, extending  the usefulness of your greenhouse beyond a single sowing cycle.

Or if you’re not limited by the space in your garden, you might want to take a look at our guide to show you how to get the best greenhouse for a larger garden.

Have you got any hints and tips for getting the extra mile out of your smaller greenhouse? Let us know by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page!

Lead image: Waltons Wood Frame Greenhouse

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