How to adjust UPVC doors

How to adjust UPVC doors

Flag UPVC hinges are essential for maintaining the smooth operation and security of your doors. These hinges allow for adjustments in three dimensions: lateral (left/right), vertical (up/down), and compression (in/out), ensuring a perfect fit and function over time. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you adjust your flag hinges for optimal performance.

Tips for Best Results

  • Work Incrementally: Make small adjustments and check the door's operation frequently to avoid over-correction.
  • Maintain Regularly: Periodically check and adjust your hinges to prevent misalignment and ensure longevity.

Left and Right

1. Unlock the doors and open. From inside of the garden building locate the two screws and gently unscrew them taking care not to remove them fully.

2. Shut the door and on the front of the hinge, pull open the released cover for each hinge. The butt of a screwdriver might be needed to open the cover.

3. Now the screws inside the hinge can be loosened to make the doors slack slightly. Use a Philips screwdriver to loosen the face on screws slightly, approximately half a turn, depending on each hinge

 4. Place the Allen key into the central screw and turn. Depending on which way you turn the Allen key will depend on which way the door will move. One way will move it in, one way out.

5. Check that the door is no longer catching or is no longer leaving a large gap while shut and once happy with the results secure all hinges and close the cover.

Up and Down

1. Place the Allen key in the hole closest to the structure. Turn the key slightly left or right to adjust the door up or down. Once satisfied with your results adjust all hinges to match.

In and Out

If the doors are rattling or have too much movement, the internal latch needs to be adjusted.

1. Unlock and open the door. The latch you need to locate looks like the picture below.

2. Loosen the screws very gently, ensuring not to dislodge them, until the latch is loosened and able to move.

3. Adjust the latch and then resecure the screws. Check the door sits correctly and that there is no movement.


    1. For other internal adjustments locate the pins as shown in the picture below, unscrewing them slightly and moving them up and down so there are no gaps or unnecessary movement. 

    We hope this guide has been helpful in adjusting your UPVC hinges, ensuring that your garden building is kept at the highest level of quality and security for years to come. Adjusting of UPVC hinges needs to be done around once a year so feel free to refer back to this guide in the future. Until then enjoy your smooth shutting UPVC doors.

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