How to throw a kitsch cocktail party in your garden

How to throw a kitsch cocktail party in your garden

Celebrate summer with cocktails and kitsch. For one night only, let’s transform your back garden into a bona fide Club Tropicana.

Dig out your old vinyl and turn on your record player; reach for your Hawaiian shirt or floral print dress, stock up your garden bar, and get ready to party to Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, and of course, Wham: “Club Tropicana, drinks are free, Fun and sunshine - there's enough for everyone.

Cocktail bar

Wooden garden bar from Waltons with multicoloured fairylights
“Let me take you to the place – where membership's a smiling face.
Image: Waltons

Transform a corner of your garden into a hub for entertaining using the stylish 6 x 4 Garden Bar. Add a few stools, stock it with your favourite cocktail ingredients, string some fairy lights up and hey presto! You have your very own cocktail station. And don’t forget the all-important over-the-top accessories like mini umbrellas, curly straws, cocktail cherries and tropical fruit garnishes.

Tropical plants

tropical plants outside for party
“Watch the waves break on the bay. Soft white sands, a blue lagoon"
Image: Shutterstock

Embellish your island paradise by making use of your indoor plants. A summer’s evening in the fresh air won’t do them any harm, and larger feature plants like yuccas, rubber plants and palms will add a lush touch of the tropics to your festivities.

For extra flamboyance, consider buying in a selection of colourful plastic plants. Think orchids, narcissus, and chrysanthemums – the more colourful the better.

Soft furnishings

Outdoor seats with red cushions
“All that's missing is the sea. But don't worry, you can suntan!”
Image: Charles Taylor Twin Bench Set Angled with Cushions from Waltons

Arrange garden furniture to create space for guests to relax, unwind and catch the last of the sun’s rays – but remember to keep the kitsch coming. Bright cushions are a great way to give your soft furnishings a lift; adding just one or two new purchases in vibrant, contrasting colours changes the whole vibe of your garden set.


garden party summer lighting
“Castaways and Lovers meet. Then kiss in Tropicana's heat.”
Image: Shutterstock

What better way to create an atmosphere where romance can bloom than by lighting your Club Tropicana island-style? When darkness falls, the sparkle of fairy lights sets the mood for partying, and when it’s time for the slow dance, the soft glow of tealights is sure to kindle romance and passion.

Club Tropicana

Club tropicana cocktail time in popup cocktail garden party
“Cocktail time, a summer's tune. A whole night's holiday!”
Image: Shutterstock

What good’s your Club Tropicana without a Club Tropicana cocktail? Pour a generous measure of white rum, a splash of midori and a dash of creme de cacao into your shaker and top up with pineapple and orange juice.

Add ice, and shake to the rhythm of your favourite ‘Wham’ hit. Now pour into a tall glass, top up with soda and stir. Enjoy.

Have we whetted your appetite for summer kitsch partying? Remember: “Gotta move your feet, don't you miss the flight! Cool, cool, cool, cool”.

Let us know how you’ve made over your garden via our Facebook page or the comments below. We'd love to see your Club Tropicana party pictures!

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