Shed of the Year 2015

Shed of the Year 2015

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Our favourite Sheds from the Shed of the Year 2015

The Shed of the Year 2015 is back! This is our favourite national competition and not only because it’s all about sheds, but because it showcases the creativity, imagination and talents of sheddies across the UK.

The finalists for each category were  announced on 18th May and the mix of sheds, garden offices and unique buildings are incredible. We’ve gone through each category and picked our favourites.  The pubic were asked to vote for their favourites. The finalists with the most votes in each category will be featured on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces.

Here are our top picks for the Shed of the Year 2015.


Shed of the Year 2015 collection of images

The first category is ‘normal sheds’ however the name isn't quite appropriate because none of these sheds are considered normal. One of the finalists owns the ‘cinema shed’ which comes fully equipped with a vintage cinema screen, posters and cinema seats.

The dream rail shed is the model railway lover’s dream with a huge array of train sets and a huge separate control area. The last 'normal shed' is one which is positioned on a boat and is decorated with a sail theme. We struggled to pick our favourite however we think it is pretty epic.

Normal category of Shed of the Year entrants


Sheddie: Ben Fillmore

This 15 x 8 shed was hand built by sheddie, Ben Filmore and is used as an observatory complete with a roof that rolls off to allow access to the starry night sky. We love this amazing shed because although it was hand built by a self confessed DIY novice it looks beautiful both inside and out.

Ben said: “The shed is 15'x8' and was built during the spring and summer of 2014, all by hand and only by me. This may not seem an amazing feat however before this the extent of my DIY was putting pictures on the wall! We live in a mid terrace with no rear access, so getting 7 tons of soil out and kilometres of wood in also proved slightly more time consuming than I had initially expected.”


Observatory shed from Readers Shed

Eco is always an interesting category because you see lots of innovative DIY builds, recycling and energy techniques. The Owl shed is made from recycled plywood, glass bottles and even has a living roof. The Rammed Earth build is made from mud which was an initial money saving idea however she soon realised that she was saving the planet at the same time.

Collection of eco sheds from Shed of the Year 2015

Eco Dome

Sheddie: Paul Robinson

Paul's eco dome is known by the locals as the ‘tardis’ it has two floors and is used as a place for testing different types of energy systems from solar hot water panels to reflective pools. The self-supported dome is made from 16 gauge aluminium with double glazed south facing windows to help keep it insulated.

Paul said: “I use the ground floor as a woodworking workshop and upstairs as an office gym room. The dome has its own private water supply from a well and off grid electricity.”

Cabin /Summerhouse

Eco dome from Readers Shed

This is an exciting category which was very difficult to choose our favourite from. We have a teeny tiny pixie cabin which has been created to be portable and was built without a spirit level in sight. The garden cottage is a romantic hideaway nestled at the bottom of the garden which is used as a space to relax and entertain.

Portable pixie shed from Readers shed


Sheddie: Ben Roberts

This shed was originally an old and knackered catering van. Ben transformed it into a beautiful living space complete with guest beds and a log burner made from a recycled gas bottle.

Ben said: “ My shed is special because it has been up cycled from a 14ft redundant burger van, the idea to create it was the result of the van being unusable for catering. All of the exterior was stripped to reveal 50s aluminium body capping, it took 25 litres of industrial paint stripper, the body of the van had to be removed to repair the chassis and replace the rotten floor. It now has twin seating areas on either side, which convert into two large sleeping areas, the match board around the seating area is hand crafted from salvaged pallets, it has 24 volt electrics, plug sockets, spot lights, and the roof has two sky lights above the seating/sleeping areas.”


Collection of workshop studios from Readers Sheds

Garden buildings make excellent workshops and studios. These finalists have amazing studios that look like perfectly styled, spacious rooms that you would hardly guess started out as a shed.

Dark Room Shed from Readers Shed

Dark Room No1

Sheddie: Shener Hathaway

We can’t believe that this shed is based in Shener’s London garden. Shener is a builder and decorator and is used as a space for hobbies, relaxation and as a retreat from working life.

Shener said: “ I have been privileged to build this shed and landscape the whole of my garden from a complete blank canvas with the help of a friend. I use the shed as a retreat from my everyday building and decorating life, to escape into a world of photography and design. Even though we are in the depths of London it is incredibly quiet and peaceful.”


Collection of unique sheds from Readers Sheds

This creative category has got to be our favourite, the array of imaginative and completely out of the box sheds are amazing. Terry’s treehouse sits 4.5 meters in the air and is fully fitted with a central bbq, two beds and seats up to 10 people.

Collection of 3 different unique sheds from Readers Sheds

Micro Shed - Stumpy Trundler

Sheddie: Colin Edmondson

This micro shed is absolutely amazing, it measures 4’ x 2’ x 4’ and sits on a miniature rail wagon. It comes complete with a comfy seat, shelf and even a stove. What more could you need?

Colin said: “Whisky was my main influence when designing the mobile micro shed. I built it as something that would stand out at railway events. It generates lots of interest, especially when I cook breakfast on my tiny purpose-built stove. All of the little details on the inside such as the deep-buttoned seat and the bird box were added by my girlfriend, Carole.”

Pub Sheds

Tiny shed on railway line

Another fantastic category demonstrating the pure genius of these sheddies, these pubs operate in the back gardens and outdoor british spaces however the transport you to another country. Simon's nightclub shed has a bar area and chill out area and has been filled up with salvaged items from years for car-boot sales and scrap yards.

Pirate shed from Readers Sheds

Pirate Retreat

Sheddie: Keith Brown

The pirate shed leaves nothing to the imagination fully fitted out with laser lighting, electric drawbridge and even a zip line. Keith has slowly added to his original shed over the years collecting items from skips and second hand shops. Keith even opens the shed up to parties of up to 50 people; of course you have to be in Pirate fancy dress. Did someone say office party?

Garden Office

Photo set of pirate shed from Readers Sheds

Log Cabins and summerhouses make excellent offices, they provide an extra space which is unique and tranquil with fantastic views. The four finalists have excellent offices that are suited to their styles and needs. Our favourite is extra special.

Collection of log cabin sheds from Readers Sheds

Mag Shed

Sheddie: Rod Lawless

Rod’s studio shed is fit with unique up-cycled features such as the hand-carved door, recycled decking and solar powered lights. Rod uses the space to work on his writing and has since written two novels. He wanted the room to be a place of tranquillity where he could focus and be relaxed so used the art of feng-shui to put everything in the right place.

Rod said: “I have used Feng Shui to create the inside as I use it to get away from distraction and write so the energy of the place has to be good. I started building it around the beginning of November and moved in with the chair to sit on around the beginning of March. There is still a lot to do. Some of it is sea side themed as I used to live on a boat in the 60's. I just can't find my rowlocks.”


Writers feng shui shed from Readers Shed

We love this category because it shows just what you can do even if you are on a shoestring budget. All of these amazing builds have been done for less than £500!. We love them all.

Budget sheds from Readers Sheds


Sheddie: Karen Scott

Karen’s bright upcycled shed is built using debris from an old beach hut and decorated using materials found on the beach. It’s a really quirky and unique space that looks like the perfect room for hanging out in the sunshine. Someone pass us the Pimms!

Have entered this year's shed of the year with a Waltons Garden Building? Let us know and we will feature it on our blog.

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