How to start a business from your Insulated Garden Room

How to start a business from your Insulated Garden Room

Successfully running a business from a garden building isn’t a new concept; some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Google and Amazon, were founded in garden sheds. As they are inexpensive and quick to build, sheds have proven to be a popular alternative to the typical brick and mortar office building. They offer budding entrepreneurs a relatively cheap and private office space close to home, saving precious time and money. However, there are now many more options available when it comes to garden buildings, some of which offer a warmer and more comfortable workspace than the humble shed. 

Insulated Garden Rooms are the ultimate garden building. Featuring fully insulated walls, roof and floor, Waltons’ garden rooms maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. Large, double-glazed windows flood the office space with natural light, essential for those with craft-related businesses, while offering scenic views of the garden outside. Insulated Garden Rooms are typically cheaper than the cost of a home extension, cause less disruption and provide a work space separate from the home. So you have the benefits of a short commute with clear physical boundaries between work and home life.

Although Insulated Garden Rooms provide the perfect blank canvas to start a business, it’s important to do relevant research to ensure you are abiding with laws and regulations before getting started. Once you’re ready to get up and running then it’s time to transform your office space! We’ve compiled essential tips and tricks to help you create your dream workspace for your new business…

Obtain permissions and insurance for your business

Insulated Garden Room with hairdressing business
The 6m x 3m Insulated Garden Room with Side Shed has been transformed into a functional beauty room

Before purchasing an Insulated Garden Room it is important to check the planning regulations and restrictions for your local area. Although Waltons’ garden rooms are designed to abide by planning permission guidelines, there are exceptions depending on the size of your garden and placement of the building.

To run a business from home you may also need permission from your mortgage provider/landlord, local planning office or local council. If your business won’t cause disruption to neighbours or make any significant structural changes to your home then it is unlikely that you’ll need permission, although you should always check with your local authorities. Insurance policies, such as home insurance and business cover, may need to be taken out or amended to cover any important equipment, documents or stock.

Once you have obtained all the essential permissions and insurance, it’s time to create your dream workspace!

Choose the perfect garden room for you

The Creswell Insulated Garden Room
The Creswell 4m x 3m Insulated Garden Room is a stunning addition to any garden

Waltons offers a variety of Insulated Garden Rooms in a wide range of sizes. The perfect garden room for you and your business is dependent on your needs and requirements. The Classic range is a great place to start; with all the premium features you’d expect from a garden room, such as full insulation and Shiplap+ cladding, these buildings are designed for versatility and longevity. If you’re in need of a bit of extra storage space, the Classic range is also available with side sheds! This is an excellent option for business owners with lots of stock, or even those who are in need of a tidy space to keep their garden equipment safe and secure. On the other hand, for those on a tighter budget, and with a good understanding of DIY, the DIY garden rooms range may be more suited. Offering all the quality and style of the Classic range with a smaller price tag, this is a great choice for new business owners with DIY experience.

The Sherwood range is Waltons’ premium collection of garden rooms. Featuring superior 100mm double-skinned walls and five unique designs, these show-stopping buildings provide an exceptional office space. If your work requires you to meet face-to-face with clients or customers, you can be sure that a Sherwood garden room will impress and inspire.

Choosing your dream garden room can be a tricky process, so it is important to consider the needs of your business and how you will use the space. For example, you may need a bright and well-lit environment so a building with large windows would be ideal, or if you need to store tall, large equipment, a reverse apex garden room would offer generous ceiling space. An Insulated Garden Room is an investment for your home and business, which is why it is essential to plan for the future and consider how your workspace may need to evolve over time. If in doubt, a larger space would give you more options for growth and adaptability.

Plan your space

3m x 2m Insulated Garden Room as counselling office
The 3m x 2m Insulated Garden Room reflects a calming counselling office

Your new garden room has been delivered and installed so now it’s time to start planning your workspace! The layout of a workspace can have a huge impact on mental wellbeing and productivity, so spend some time planning the arrangement of your office. 

It may be helpful to measure your office furniture and tape outlines on the floor of the room. This will give you a clearer vision of the available space and allow you to rearrange without too much hassle. Try moving around the space as though it was an ordinary work day to experience how the space flows. It’s much easier to make changes at this stage than later down the line when you have all your office furniture and equipment to manoeuvre, so take some time to ensure you’re happy with the layout.

Install essential utilities

3m x 4m Insulated Garden Room as reading nook
The installation of electricity illuminates the 3m x 4m Insulated Garden Room with Side Shed

The adaptability and functionality of Insulated Garden Rooms means that it is relatively straight-forward to install vital utilities such as Wifi, electricity or even running water. Consider which utilities are essential for your business and plan accordingly. Installation may be affected by existing structures or the placement of the garden room in relation to the home. It is recommended that qualified professionals carry out these installations to ensure everything is completed safely and complies with industry standards.

Decorate to create your ideal working environment

The Creswell 4m x 3m Insulated Garden Room
How you decorate your workspace can have a huge impact on your work day

Once you’ve established the basic layout and functionality of your office, it’s time to let your creativity run wild! Although the practicality of the workspace is incredibly important, the aesthetics and mood can have a huge impact on your work day. Try implementing indoor plants and calming art prints around the space to create a serene working environment.

Create a professional workspace by reflecting your business’ brand in the decor. No matter how subtle or bold you choose to decorate, you can use your brand’s colours and themes to harmonise the office space. Also, finishing touches such as relevant certificates or pieces of creative work can be hung on the walls; this is a great way to convey a strong brand identity and professionalism to visiting clients.

Finally, your brand new office garden room is ready to enjoy!

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