Trees in my Dreams

Trees in my Dreams

Trees in my Dreams

In my dreams, I shall have a huge garden which looks out onto the rolling green horizon. In it there will be magnificent trees, and each month one of these trees will take centre stage to become most spectacular of all and each shall wait patiently for their turn to step into the limelight.

Well maybe, like most of us, all of this is unlikely, maybe we have a urban or suburban garden, but in some ways all the more reason to be looking for a tree or two to really bring your garden to life or frame the planting (or hide that ugly neighbouring house at the back!) at certain times of year.

What trees should you choose and when will they be at their crowning glory? Here's a Woollygreen list, of course all of which I have in my garden (in my dreams!)

January – Dog Wood

Siberian Dog Wood Red Close Up

February – Pussy Willow

Pussy Willow Close Up

March – Magnolia

Close up of Magnolia Tree Flowers

April – Amelanchier

Amelanchier close up bright

May – Hawthorn

Hawthorn Tree in green landscape

June – Chinese Red Bud

Chinese Red Bud Tree in bloom

July – Lime Tree

Lime tree close up of leaves

August – English Oak

English Oak Tree in August

September – Maple or Acer

Maple Tree

October – Crab Apple

Crab apple tree close up of flower

November – Strawberry Tree

Strawberry Tree Close Up

December – Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce Tree covered in snow

If you would like more advice about growing trees then check out this article.

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