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Getting a space for your child to daydream and explore countless adventures is more than getting the building, it is all about creating the space where their imagination can run wild. Whether it's a cosy playhouse or a tower complete with a slide, the toys and props are what make a playhouse a spaceship amongst the stars, a boat on a jungle cruise or a castle for fighting a dragon.

Different Playhouse for Different Adventures

All playhouses are designed with safety and fun at the forefront. Safety First Shatterproof Windows and planned & rounded timbers as standard and all made in accordance with Toys (Safety) Regulation 2011 (EN71).

Snug Playhouse with Tower & Activity Set

Your children will love this Waltons Snug Tower Playhouse with Slide + Swing, thanks to its variety of fun-packed features. The raised platform allows endless opportunities for children's imagination to run wild, perfect for a pirate ship sailing the seven seas. The plastic slide is the best way for young ones to get off the raised platform and is guaranteed to provide many hours of entertainment.

For a pirate ship adventure, you can decorate the playhouse with a ship's wheel, pirate flags, and a telescope. Add a treasure chest filled with toys and plastic swords for swashbuckling adventures. Nautical ropes make for a quick exit from the tower and sand bucket pulleys can be surprisingly entertaining.

Snug Playhouse with Tower and Activity Set
Image: Waltons

Poppy Tower Wooden Playhouse

Let your children become explorers of their savannah, kingdom or galaxy (your garden) with our Poppy Tower Wooden Playhouse. Elevated on its own lookout, this playhouse sparks imaginative play, a blank canvas for imagination and transforming into anything!

For a Jurassic adventure, decorate the playhouse with dinosaur decals and prehistoric props like plastic dinosaur figures and faux foliage. Create a mini excavation site with a sandbox and dinosaur bones. Toy binoculars add to the hidden away Dinosaur lookout amongst the trees, but wait! Is that a triceratops!?

Poppy Tower Wooden Playhouse
Image: Waltons

7 x 5 Double Storey Swiss Cottage Playhouse

Take things to the next level with our 7 x 5 Double Storey Swiss Cottage Playhouse. Creating a wonderful space for playing all sorts of childhood games, the two-storey interior means your children have their very own house to be the boss of. The traditional style Georgian windows are pre-fitted for safety during construction and feature sash framing to ensure the styrene remains firmly in place. The little flower boxes under each window also create charming, fairy-tale appeal.

For a fairy-tale adventure, transform the playhouse with enchanted forest decorations. Add fairy lights, artificial vines, and magical creatures like fairies and unicorns. Create a reading nook with plush pillows and a canopy. You can also include a small table set for tea parties with enchanted forest-themed dishes. If your child enjoys playing house, miniature furniture like a toy kitchen set, a small table and chairs, and pretend food can make the playhouse feel like a real home. Add curtains and rugs to enhance the cosy, home-like atmosphere.

7 x 5 Double Storey Swiss Cottage Playhouse
Image: Waltons

Which is Best?

Exploring the world of playhouses reveals an array of options that cater to every child's imagination and play style. Whether it's scaling the heights of the Waltons Snug Tower Playhouse with Slide and Swing Set, embarking on a dinosaur adventure in the Poppy Tower Wooden Playhouse, or hosting fairy-tale tea parties in the 7 x 5 Double Storey Swiss Cottage Playhouse, each playhouse offers a unique canvas for creativity and endless hours of fun. Investing in a playhouse isn't just about providing a place to play—it's about nurturing childhood imagination, fostering outdoor exploration, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Choose the playhouse that best fits your child's dreams and watch them safely create their own wonderful world.

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