Waltons donates to ITV's Love Your Garden show

Waltons donates to ITV's Love Your Garden show

When ITV contacted Waltons asking for help with one of their ‘Love your Garden’ episodes, we were delighted to assist.

Alan Titchmarsh’s team created a new garden for a Southampton family who are coming to terms with the loss of wife and mother Shelley. They asked us to donate a bike shed, as the family’s children love to cycle.

The best in bike stores

Love Your Garden bike store
Secure by Design bike shed, comfortably installed

We sent down our Secure by Design bike store, with one of the Waltons crew to put it together, and with a lick of blue paint, it fits in perfectly with the garden’s fresh, contemporary design.

As well as fitting in well with the garden, it's  a secure building with tamper-proof hinges, and a seven-lever pad-bolt, which is hacksaw, drill and bolt-cutter resistant, so the family's cycles will be kept safe.

Unobtrusive and helpful

Love Your Garden bike store open door
The cyclist’s ideal store

Nestling behind a cabin in a quiet corner of the garden, the bike store is the perfect place for the family to keep their bikes and accessories.

Now that they can keep all of their cycling gear (and more) out of the way, let's hope they can enjoy their beautiful new garden for years to come!

You can watch the garden coming together, and find out more about the family on Wednesday evening (3rd of August) on ITV - make it a date!

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