Before purchasing your new fence panel be sure to check the specific measurements of its size in the Specification section of the product listing. As often in product titles, we round up measurements just so it’s easier for you to find your perfect garden fence.

Unless otherwise stated , your new fence panel will be supplied completely premade.

We strongly advise if you are planning on using a third party installer to construct your garden fence that you do not book their services until you receive your items as we do not cover third party cost in the instance of a failed delivery or a damaged item preventing installation.

Please note that this garden fence has been dressed to look its very best in our product images. Any accessories or fixtures featured are not supplied with this product.

As standard, this garden fence panel includes a 1 year Manufacturer’s guarantee, as well as a 15 Year Anti-rot Guarantee*.

Our entire range of garden fencing products benifit from our 15 Year Anti-rot Guarantee. This will cover your garden fence against fungal decay as long as the conditions of the gurantee have been followed.

These conditions include treating your new garden building with a high-quality waterproof top coat.Treatment of this sort should be applied as soon as your new fence panels have been installed, and reapplied annually thereafter. This will enable you to maintain your 15 Year Anti-rot Guarantee and will keep your fence in tip-top condition!

Please note that our 15 Year Anti-rot Guarantee does not cover your fence panel from the movement of timber that takes place over time. This includes; the twisting, warping and splitting of timber.

For more information on our 15 Year Anti-rot Guarantee please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

We work hard to design all of our garden buildings to adhere to the planning permission guidelines. However, we cannot guarantee that planning permission will not be required. Therefore, before constructing your garden building we advise checking with your local authorities. " How do I care for my new fence panel? "To ensure your fence panel stands the test of time it’s important to follow the guidance outlined in the product instructions and Manufacturer’s Recommendations.

However, if you do need any further support, don't worry we are on hand to help. Just give our friendly Customer Service Team a call on 0800 029 1000.