8 ways to use your summerhouse

8 ways to use your summerhouse

A summer house is a wonderfully versatile garden building. You can transform it into a piece of paradise from the comfort of your own garden, use it to work from home, or even create a garden pub for you to enjoy with family and friends.

Not sure what to use your new summer house for? We’ve put together a few ideas to inspire you!

Art studio

Blue corner summerhouse turned into art studio
Philip chose our 8 x 8 corner summer house to use for his art studio.

Every budding artist needs their own studio dedicated to their art. A summer house is the perfect blank canvas for you to transform into your very own studio where you can paint away to your heart’s content!

With your garden as your muse, there’s no end to the boundless creativity that will follow. No matter if oil or acrylic or watercolours are your go-to medium, a summer house art studio will be the perfect space to practice and hone your craft.

Business base

Pink and white nail salon in a summerhouse with nail varnishes, chairs and light
Danni uses her 10 x 8 Helios as the base of her nail bar business. Learn more about Danni's customer story!

Ever wanted to make your home the base of your very own space, but worried about it taking over your home? Solve your problems with a brand new summer house! By installing a Waltons summer house in your garden, you can use it as the base of your home business without having to sacrifice your work-life balance.

Keep the summer house as your work station, and your home for relaxing. Whether you’ve always wanted to start your very own nail bar, hairdressers, eyebrow salon, or whatever business you’ve got your heart set on - a summer house will be the perfect thing to help you achieve your dreams.

Craft den

Interior of painted black shed turned into craft den with colourful shelving, floral printed table cloth and various crafting supplies
Transform your summer house into a bespoke craft den. 

Passionate about arts and crafts? A summer house is a fantastic way to dedicate a space to your beloved hobby. Deck it out with a fancy desk, and shelving for your storage boxes and craft supplies, and you can create the ideal place to escape to.

With a crafts den dedicated to your hobby, you’ll be spending more time in here than you will in your own home! Or if your hobby blossoms into your very own Etsy store, you can use your summer house to keep your home space for unwinding after a hard day’s work.

Garden bar

Blue summerhouse with sign saying 'Chadders Bar' above the door
Cheryl opted for the 12 x 8 contemporary summer house to turn into her own garden pub.

Imagine the scene - you’ve come home from a hard day’s work at the office on a Friday afternoon, with the whole glorious weekend stretching in front of you. Instead of flopping down on the sofa, you can head on out to the garden, where you’ve got your very own garden bar, to pour a cooling glass of your favourite beverage.

Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? A garden bar will be the perfect thing to lounge in all through the warm summer months, too!

Garden retreat

Painted summerhouse with sloping roof and soft furnishings inside
Joanna has created the perfect garden retreat with her 10 x 8 Helios.

Everybody needs somewhere to relax. And if your go-to relaxing space is in your garden, what better way to retreat to it than with a fantastic new summer house? Add a comfy sofa and coffee table for your cuppa and magazine or newspaper, and you’ll be good to go.

Get stuck in with the gardening throughout the day, and retreat to your summer house to admire all of your hard work! There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea while you relax in your summer house and look out at your flourishing greenery.

Hobby den

Harry Potted themed summerhouse with sofa and Harry Potter decor
Our 9 x 9 premier corner summer house is the ideal space to dedicate to your hobby. Read more about Zoe's customer story!

What better way to celebrate your hobby than by dedicating your summer house to it? Unleash your inner Potterhead or favourite band memorabilia to create a space that will wow your family and friends, and will soon become your favourite space to spend your time.

No matter what your hobby is, a summer house is the ideal space to celebrate it from the comfort of your own garden.

Home office

American football themed home office
Chris' 7 x 7 corner summer house is the ideal home office. 

If you’re working from home, it’s important to keep a space dedicated to your job. It may be tempting to just work from the kitchen table if you haven’t got a spare room available, but your work-life balance will suffer if you’re not able to switch off at the same time each day.

A summer house is the perfect solution to your working from home problem. You can separate your home and work life from one another, and be more productive because of it. Not convinced? Find out why you should work in your garden building.

Reading nook

Floral daybed in summer house with blue armchair
The perfect place to curl up with a good book. Dee opted for our 10 x 8 Helios.

Are you a bookworm whose shelves are overflowing with stories? You’ll want somewhere cosy to settle down with your latest read so as to escape within the pages. A summer house gives you a space you can transform into your dream reading nook to relax and unwind in.

Simply fill with a comfortable sofa or even a small bed, with lots of plush cushions and a warm blanket, and you’re all set to travel to Mordor or Panem. A coffee table will complete your reading nook to give you space to put your cuppa.

How will you use your new Waltons summer house? We want to hear all about it over on our Facebook page! For inspiration on how to decorate it, take a look at these 8 ideas for decorating a summer house.

Lead image: Tammy's 12 x 8 contemporary summer house with side shed.