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Waltons ultimate shed maintenance guide

02 November 2017

Even a high-end shed or garden building needs a little love in its lifetime. Prevent rot, weather damage and damp from taking hold by following a few simple maintenance checks and repairs. It's not rocket science, just shed care!

Whether you're looking after a simple storage shed or a lavish log cabin, here are a few of the basics you need to consider to keep your building at its best for longer. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Early, regular maintenance is essential
  • Catch any problems you might have quickly, and you'll have a smaller job on your hands. Leave them to develop, and you could have major work to do.
  • The base is your top priority
  • Make sure your base is secure, flat and level before you build. Make sure you allow air to circulate between the base and your shed to keep damp at bay.
  • Look after your roof
  • Check your roof annually - and repair any damage quickly to avoid problems caused by leaks.
  • Treating wood
  • Whether your building is dip-treated or pressure-treated, you'll need to give it some protection from the elements with water or spirit-based treatment to prevent rot and water damage.
  • Painting wood
  • A couple of coats of good quality paint will help protect your shed from the elements as well as giving it an individual look that you can choose.
  • Avoiding damp
  • Good ventilation, sealed window and door frames, and gutters on the roof will help keep damp at bay.
  • Basic repairs
  • Many shed repairs, such as replacing panels, are straightforward and simple tasks - and we've got tips and advice on those for you in the download.

Your shed maintenance checklist

Want to make sure you've got your bases covered? Just click the image below to download your own, printable maintenance checklist. Simple things for you to check annually (or even more regularly) to make sure your shed stays in top condition for maximum enjoyment!


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