How to repair shed roof felt

How to repair shed roof felt

When you leave damaged or weathered roof felt open to the elements, your shed soon deteriorates, allowing water and damp to damage your valuable building, tools and equipment.

But patching or replacing a felt shed roof is easy when you know how. Check out our free guide and video tutorial for the low down on patching a damaged felt roof.

  1. Remove finials and fascia boards
  2. Untack existing damaged felt
  3. Measure the roof and cut new felt to size
  4. Tack down new felt
  5. Re-affix fascia boards and finials
  6. Check regularly
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You’ll need:

  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • Ladder
  • Tacks
  • Screwdrivers

1 - Remove finials and fascia boards

Person removing finial from shed
It's usually easy to remove finials and fascia boards from your shed

These should be easy to remove - they’ll either be screwed or nailed on. If they’re nailed, then gently prise them away from the shed. Keep them safe; you’ll want them later. If they've rotted, measure up and replace with timber from the local builders' merchant.

2 - Untack and remove existing damaged felt

prising old nails from a shed roof
Prise old nails off to avoid rips and tears

You should be able to prise the tacks off with a flat-headed screwdriver. Take care not to damage felt that’s still intact underneath- otherwise you’ll find yourself with a longer job on your hands! Dispose of the old felt responsibly - it's best to take it straight to the local tip.

3 - Measure the roof and cut new felt to size

Measuring shed roof for new felt
Measure carefully, and allow extra for overhang

Measure the length of the shed roof, and make sure when you cut the felt that you allow for a two inch overlap on all sides. Offer it up to the roof to make sure you’ve cut to the right size.

4 - Tack down new felt

Tacking down shed roof felt
Tack down the roof felt at even interval

Tack down the edge of the new felt at six inch intervals. Remember to smooth it out before you tack to prevent wrinkles.

5 - Re-affix the fascia boards and finials

Re-affixing fascia boards to a shed
Re-attach your fascia boards, trim your felt, and you're done

Screw the fascia boards and finials back into their original positions, and the job’s nearly finished! If you're using new timber to replace rotten fascias or finials, remember to treat it with wood preservative to prolong its life.

Trim off any felt that’s hanging below the fascia boards to keep things looking neat.

6 - Check regularly

Shed roof after felt repair
When you've finished, make sure you check regularly for signs of wear or damage

Check your shed roof at least annually for rips, tears or weather damage. If you want a longer-lasting shed roof, consider shingles or EPDM for a more durable roof cover.

Here’s a handy video showing you all the steps we’ve laid out above - check it out!

How to replace shed rood felt - video tutorial

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