An artists studio tucked away in the cotswolds

An artists studio tucked away in the cotswolds

An artists studio tucked away in the cotswolds

This week we interviewed 2014 Shed of the Year entrant, and Artist, Nic Vickery-Brown who works from home in her very own garden art studio that she built in only two weekends. Her unique studio is an extension of her personality and reflects her love for a country lifestyle.

What do you use your log cabin for?

I predominantly use it as an art studio however it is more than that, it's my workplace, escape room, and my sanctuary and I couldn't be without it. I close the door, put the radio on and take a deep breath.

How did your shed journey start?

For years I worked at the kitchen table, having to move my things every evening. Three years ago we decided to invest in a log cabin that we bought in the sale from a local garden centre.

Did it take long to build?

We built the log cabin over two bank holiday weekends in Easter. We had a bit of an army of friends and family who helped us lay the base and put it together. So the initial build only took two weekends worth of hard work.

What adjustments did you make to the building?

We bought one that already has double glazed windows and was made out of a really thick wood which makes a lot of difference in the cold months. We added insulation under the floor and we have just installed a log burner which keeps it nice and toasty throughout the winter.

Did you have a plan of how you wanted to decorate and furnish it?

Not really, I am a fan of vintage style furniture and I scoured second-hand shops for things that could be recycled. I painted the walls nice and light to keep it bright and then used my artwork to decorate it. My drawing table began as a £15 bargain which I sanded down and re-painted. I’m still sneaking bits and bobs in and the best part is that because it’s my own space away from the house, I have been able to fill it with lots of things that I like.

Do you think it has improved how you operate in a business sense?

Oh yes completely. Customers come and see me in my studio and it just gives a more professional feel to it. I also find it much easier to concentrate whilst in my studio because I have no distractions, which has helped me improve my work. Having my own space as really made a big difference and has helped me take my business to a whole different level.

What is it about your studio that you love the most?

The fact that I can just shut the door and be in my own space with my work. When I step into the room everything is just where I left it and all I have to do to get ready is make myself a cup of tea and switch the radio on. A lot of love and care has gone into my studio, my husband even often says that if it had a bed in it, I probably wouldn’t leave!

What would be your top tip for anyone who is thinking of getting a garden building?

If you want to get something that we last all year round then make sure that you get something that is good quality and has double glazed windows. We saved a huge amount of money by laying our own base as well so if you have the means to do so, this is a great cost saving.

A few words from Nic

Getting my log cabin was the best thing that I have ever done. We would never have been able to afford an extension of this size and it only took a couple of weeks to build. They are definitely worth it if you are looking for extra space!

About Nic

Nic-Vickery Brown is a passionate animal artist from who lives Cotswolds with her family. She creates original animal prints using a variety of mediums and takes commissions as well as creating limited edition prints, greetings cards and cushion covers.

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