Customer story: Charlotte's Playhouse

Cream and pink playhouse with wording 'Customer story: Charlotte's playhouse'

Here at Waltons, there’s nothing we love more than seeing our customers’ beloved garden buildings. So you can imagine how impressed we were when Charlotte messaged us with pictures of her daughters’ playhouse! We love the little cottage feel she’s added to it, and it looks simply magical in the snow; Charlotte and her family have adapted it so the girls can enjoy it in the darker evenings, too! Read on to find out more about Charlotte’s story.

Charlotte chose to transform the wonderful Snowdrop Apex Wooden Playhouse with Loft.

Little girl standing in front of a cream and pink Snowdrop playhouse
The perfect place to inspire imaginations!

Why did you want to buy a playhouse, and what made you choose this particular one?

We wanted a playhouse for my two daughters for Christmas. All grandparents joined together to buy it and to build it! We chose this one as it is a house that they can grow into, it looked to be sturdy and would last them for years. My eldest fell in love with the idea of having a ladder to another level. The balcony is safer than some that I’ve seen as the gaps are small and the ladder very secure.

What inspiration did you have for decorating your playhouse?

The flower boxes and window shutters make the playhouse look like a little cottage. We highlighted these areas but kept it quite simple with buttermilk and pink paint.

Cream and pink Snowdrop playhouse in snow
Charlotte's playhouse looks fabulous in the snow!

What extra work did you do to get your area ready for your playhouse?

We looked to get the Waltons base for the house but our garden was uneven. We also wanted to do a little veranda on the front. Therefore we decided to do decking for the base. Inside we aim to carpet it and also paint.

How will your children use your playhouse?

My daughters love the house! Even though it is winter now and dark evenings mean we can’t play in it that easily, grandad has installed a light! They are outside most evenings. We’ve also put up some fairy lights for the festive season. We have a table and chair set inside for playing cafes and my daughter is getting a wooden kitchen for her birthday to go inside too. They both will get years of fun out of it. I’m sure they’ll want to camp out in it in a few years!

What do they think of the finished playhouse?

We couldn’t have asked for a better house. Although it took all 3 sets of grandparents a day to build, it is built to last.

Cream and pink snowdrop playhouse with veranda and chair
We simply adore how Charlotte has decorated her daughters' playhouse.

We love what Charlotte has done with her playhouse! If you’re thinking of treating your little ones to their own garden building, take a look at the range we have to offer here at Waltons.

If you’ve bought one of our playhouses for your children, we’d love to see what you’ve done with it! Send your snaps to our Facebook page. 

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