Customer story: Craig's Log Cabin

Customer story: Craig's Log Cabin

As the summer arrives, your garden is the ideal place to while away the hours. A log cabin can give you more area to play with; whether you want to turn it into a craft den, or transform it into your own personal pub. Craig got in touch to show us his stunning garden log cabin, and all the hard work that’s been put in to create this wonderful getaway!

Craig chose to transform the 4x3 Home Executive Log Cabin.

Garden overview with Waltons log cabin in corner
Craig has created such a wonderful outdoor space.

Why did you choose this particular log cabin?

We had a vision for our garden for a few years, and needed the right sort of structure to compliment the design and work we had already done. A log cabin was a perfect solution and that particular one had the right space and configuration to fit our design perfectly.

Corner of log cabin with seating
Additional seating really transforms this corner of the log cabin into a cosy relaxing area.

What inspiration did you have for decorating it?

The colour scheme for the exterior was chosen to blend in with the surrounding trees and create a country/cottage garden feel. The interior is a work in progress, but we wanted it to feel like a cosy hideaway were we could relax all year round.

Bar corner in log cabin
A fully stocked bar is a must in Craig's log cabin.

What extra work did you do to customise it?

Nothing! The log cabin was chosen because the configuration was perfect for our space - almost as if it had been made to measure!

Closeup of drinks in a private garden bar in a log cabin
Without leaving his garden, Craig can simply pop down to the local!

What are you hoping to use it for?

The log cabin is our garden pub, our local. A place were we can relax ourselves or entertain our friends. We have built a bar and installed optics, seating and an entertainment system. We have fitted blackout blinds and fairylights to create the perfect atmosphere, day or night and all year round. Our friends love it! We can now "pop down to the pub" whenever we like!

Projector screen in log cabin bar
Adding a projector screen and black-out blinds means this log cabin is the perfect place to watch movies or stream the game.

Are you happy with the finished product?

Well, what can I say? It exceeded our expectations in every way. The quality is amazing, it was a pleasure to build, if it wasn’t for the weather over Easter my son and I would have completed the build within a day. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone, many thanks!

Outdoor entertaining space in garden near log cabin
Craig's log cabin even has it's own beer garden for outdoor entertaining!

Craig and his family have done a phenomenal job of transforming their log cabin, and it certainly looks like the ideal place to relax after a hard day’s work! The space is also a fantastic place to entertain friends and family.

LED sign in log cabin winow
Extra touches like a neon sign and fairy lighting adds something special to this log cabin.

Have you got a log cabin or summerhouse that you’ve transformed? We’d love to hear your customer story! Drop us a message over on our Facebook page to show us how you’ve decorated yours.

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