Customer story: Lindsey's summerhouse

Customer story: Lindsey's summerhouse

The fleeting British summer has come and gone, and the warmer weather is drawing to a close. It’s not all doom and gloom though - there’s plenty of time to start preparing for next year. If you’re looking to get a summerhouse and aren’t sure what you want from it, you’ve come to the right place.

Meaning different things to different people, it’s easy to make a summerhouse your own!

Waltons customer, Lindsey Palmer, shares her experience with choosing and decorating her summerhouse.

Lindsey chose the 12x8 Contemporary Summerhouse with Side Shed.

Constructing Waltons summer house
And so it begins!

Why did you want to buy a summerhouse?

About a year ago my boyfriend and I bought our first home together; a barn conversion with a garden that, with work, had real potential. Having moved from flats without gardens, we planned to make the most of our new found outdoor space. One of our first gifts to ourselves was a hot tub, which we knew we'd use all year round. Our thoughts then turned to a summerhouse as the perfect accompaniment to our outdoor entertaining space.

Construction crew finishing building Waltons summerhouse in garden
Nearly there now...

Why this particular summerhouse, and what made you choose Waltons?

We ideally needed a summerhouse big enough for a couple of hanging egg chairs, which I had always wanted! But we also needed it to be practical to enable us to store all our new garden tools, now that we were becoming so green fingered! So the 12x8 Summerhouse with Side Shed ticked every box.

After a lot of research I kept finding myself coming back to Waltons. They had the best range, were the most reasonably priced, and also offered an installation service which I was keen to utilise.

Waltons summerhouse painted and with furniture
It's all coming together.

What inspiration did you have for decorating it?

I wanted to create a tranquil calm space using greys & whites, with a sumptuous feel but still with a reference to the outside by bringing in greenery and plants. My 9 year old niece called it 'posh and fancy' inside - which I guess is what I was going for! She just loves it!

Interior of painted summerhouse with shelving and decorations
Shabby chic.

Where does your new summerhouse fit in with the rest of your garden?

When we first moved in there was a large kids climbing frame dominating the corner of the garden. We gave this to our neighbour who has 2 young kids, and decided to put the summerhouse there instead, to give the garden a more sophisticated, grown up feel.

Welcome mat with flamingos outside summer house
A homely feel...

What extra work did you do?

We painted the summerhouse both inside and out, which took 3 or 4 coats and a lot of man hours but was worth the effort. The outside colour is 'Blackbird' by Ronseal and the inside colour is 'Natural Stone' by Cuprinol. Both colours are warm and set off the natural wooden shelf inside which is decorated with cacti, candles, lanterns and trinkets.

I stained the internal floor and the exterior decking with Ronseal Ultimate Protection decking stain in Slate. I then put a hand made pastel coloured rug on the floor, added the white egg chairs with extra cushions for added comfort, and strung up 240 solar powered fairy lights all around the interior walls and ceiling. They work from a solar panel attached to the roof and come on automatically at dusk and light the interior up beautifully.

Painted summerhouse with doors open in sunshine
The finished product!

What do you plan to use your new summerhouse for?

It’s perfect for warm summer days and evenings with the doors open, the sun on your face and the smell of BBQ filling the air. It's also the ideal place to sit and dry off after a dip in the hot tub, so it's a perfect 'pool house' too. We also plan on putting power and heating in it so we can use it in the winter as a cozy retreat. Grab a mug of coffee and a good book and snuggle into an egg chair to relax after a long day.

Man sitting inside Waltons summer house with fairylights and egg chairs
Adding the finishing touches.

What do you think of the finished product? Are you happy with the results?

We absolutely love our new summerhouse, which we have come to jokingly refer to as 'The Pavilion'. It makes the garden a proper grown up space, adding that touch of elegance, privacy, and garden comfort. We have had such positive reactions from everyone who sees it, and love enjoying it with each other and friends... so thank you Waltons for a great product and great service!

Garden scene with Waltons painted summerhouse
Now to sit back and relax...

Lindsey has created a truly beautiful garden getaway for herself and her boyfriend to enjoy. This elegant addition to their outdoor space is certainly well loved and well looked after, and compliments it perfectly. We really love how Lindsey has transformed her new summerhouse, and we think it’s a shining example of what you yourself could create in your own garden!

Person sitting in egg chair in summerhouse
Enjoying the summer sun after all that hard work!

Why not take a look at the selection of summerhouses we have here at Waltons if you’re curious about creating your own dream hideaway? Or you could take a look at our style guides for some inspiration on how to decorate your own.

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