Creating a Bar in Your Log Cabin

Creating a Bar in Your Log Cabin

As the summer sun starts to shine and the beer gardens become the place to be, why not bring that same vibrant atmosphere right into your own garden? Imagine sipping on ice-cold drinks sharing a laugh with friends all from the comfort of your Log Cabin Garden Bar. In this guide, we'll explore how to transform your garden into a summer ready place to be with your very own garden bar!

What Kind of Bar For Your Log Cabin?

The Wren 7mx3m Log Cabin
Image: Waltons

If you've already got your log cabin, then you're one step ahead! If not, the key is selecting the perfect log cabin that matches your vision for your dream bar and suits your garden perfectly.

At Waltons, we offer a wide variety of options to choose from! Whether it's Brambling, ideal for a pool table and other clubhouse games, The Wren Log Cabin with Patio Area, perfect for basking in the sunshine, or The Goldcrest, specifically designed to snugly fit into the corner of your garden, we've got something for everyone.. No matter which one you pick, one thing is for certain, come rain or shine these log cabins will stand strong. With log thickness up to 44mm and double glazed windows, these cabins will not only keep the contents safe but they will keep the pints cool and the patrons cosy.

Securing the necessary permissions for your garden bar is crucial. While many of Waltons' garden products don't need planning permission, it's wise to confirm before starting on your garden transformation.

Where to Start with your Log Cabin

The 5mx3m Goldcrest Log Cabin already in pub form
Image: Lisa (Waltons Customer)

Once you’ve picked your log cabin and got the green light. It’s now time to find the perfect spot in your garden. It needs to be somewhere flat, away from any areas where water can / could collect. Make sure it’s not too near any existing structures like trees or other garden buildings, as it’s best to have access to all exterior sides of your garden structure.

Once you have sorted out the location of your building you’ll need to ensure the correct foundation for your log cabin. Some log cabins require a concrete foundation for extra support however most can be built on any suitable flat platform. To help you create the right base for your building, we recommend following our handy base guide here

Once your foundation is set, carefully review the instructions before beginning construction.

Getting the Gear for your Log Cabin Bar

Some of the cocktails you can make in your new garden bar
Image: Pixabay

With the structure in place, it's time for those final touches. Getting the interior summer ready is almost as important as getting the exterior ready. Selecting the perfect bar stools, the most stylish glassware and the comfy chairs for the end of the night. An alternative when designing your space is to challenge your DIY skills and craft your own furniture, for instance, on our show site we have our very own DIY Bar made from old pallets

Some aesthetic lighting is another great addition to your garden bar. Solar panelled lanterns, for example, are a great way to create some ambiance in your garden, alternatively hanging some overhead interior lights are perfect for illuminating your space and evoke the ambiance of a rustic pub. Some fridge and freezer storage for your drinks, shelves for the spirits and classy coasters. With these additions, your garden bar will be all set for an amazing summer.

Finishing Touches to your Garden Bar

Poster ideas to decorate your garden bar
Image: Pexels

Don’t forget to add some personal touches like photos of cherished memories and your favourite cocktails. Hang up some artwork on the walls of your favourite movies, tv shows and artists.

Bonus extras

Waltons blog image - wooden log cabin with adjoining patio area
Use an adjoining patio area to create your dining or cooking space
Image: The 6m x 3m Cuckoo Pent Log Cabin with Slatted Area from Waltons

Don't just limit yourself to the log cabin's interior! Put an outdoor kitchen near your building (or the patio, if your cabin has one) to create an al fresco cooking space. Maximise your time spent outside and party from afternoon to night without having to traipse indoors to make dinner!

And there you have it, how to transform your garden into the ultimate summer oasis by turning your log cabin into a garden bar – where memories are made and good times never end.

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