8 ideas for decorating a summerhouse

8 ideas for decorating a summerhouse

A summer house is the ideal place to sit, relax and indulge in some of your favourite hobbies and pastimes. Decorating it to reflect your personality and style is the way to create that extra special space you’ll want to spend all your free time in.

Whether you’re after a pub room, beach-inspired retreat, or a modern zen-den to escape to, we’ve got lots of ideas and inspiration to help you on the way. Here are our top 8.

A huge thank you to our customers for sending us photos of their Waltons summer houses.

Beach Hut

beach hut summerhouse
Utilise unused corners of your garden with an 8 x 8 corner summer house.

Think nautical and bring a piece of the seaside home with a beach-themed hut. A colour palette that includes subtle shades of blue, white and green will create a relaxed vibe that is just as easy to carry over into the upholstery you use. Choose fabrics with seaside themed patterns. Then add in splashes of bright colours such as ruby red and pink on your cushion covers, throws or tablecloths.

Why not get really creative and use shells that you’ve found on the beach, strings of white fairy lights and even model boats? Walton’s customer Sue has even included some deck chairs and palms for a real beach feel!

Cosy Nook

woodland retreat summerhouse
Wall hangings and soft furnishings are the focal point of this Waltons summerhouse.

If your idea of relaxation involves a good book and a cup of tea, then this cosy nook summerhouse is perfect for you. Experiment with textures by adding plenty of soft furnishings to make the space comfortable and homely. Neutral colours are timeless and create a soothing, relaxed atmosphere to help you wind down after a long day.

Add accessories to your space such as fabric wall hangings and wooden shelving to display all your favourite trinkets. Finally, bring in luscious, leafy house plants for the perfect finishing touch to your cosy nook.

Vintage chic

vintage chic summerhouse
The Helios summer house arrives unpainted, so is the perfect clean slate for customisation and decoration.

If you have a country garden, consider a Helios summerhouse to complement it. The shabby chic look is easy to achieve, and uses soft colour schemes including shades of cream, light pink and pastel green. Perfect for calm, relaxed styling. Paint the exterior in one of these tones and use a different hue in the interior.

Mix floral fabrics with painted upcycled furniture for an authentic vintage style, and don’t forget the accessories! Pale coloured accessories such as vintage milk jugs or antique vases will look beautiful filled with fresh flowers from the garden, adding colour and depth.

The Night Owl

Painted in tranquil blue and white tones, this is a calm and tasteful take on the Bournemouth summer house.

Take your summerhouse from day to night by adorning it with colourful lights! The addition of twinkling lights wrapped around the Bournemouth’s veranda makes it look even more inviting and is sure to become the focal point of any garden. If you don’t have electric installed in your garden building, choose solar powered lights as an easy, eco-friendly option.

Keep the interior cosy by furnishing with plenty of cushions and blankets in a mixture of textures and colours. Long summer evenings spent with friends and family will be elevated by the warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Contemporary zen den

contemporary zen den summerhouse
The 12 x 8 Contemporary Summer house with Side Shed is a popular and versatile choice for larger gardens.

Fancy something really cutting edge and modern for your summer house? Choose a building with a modern design and paint it in a colour that complements your existing garden scheme. Our customer here has combined a monochrome paint scheme with unique, colourful accessories.

For the interior, design a space that can be used all year round. Sleek upcycled furniture gives a timeless look paired with brightly coloured and patterned cushions to create a calm and inviting space. Adding in your favourite ornaments and art prints makes your summerhouse even more homely.

The Pub Room

the party corner summerhouse
This 10 x 8 Helios Summer house gives you a light, bright space to customise.

Want to entertain friends and family in style, but don’t have the space in your home? A summerhouse gives you ample room and comfort so you can enjoy socialising in your garden whatever the weather.

Turning it into a brilliant place to entertain is easy. Fit it out with some comfy chairs, like rattan sofas and bar stools. Battery powered fairy lights will add a touch of elegant glamour, as well as handy evening light. For a unique touch, why not build a functioning bar or find some reclaimed bar taps to hang on the wall. Finish by hanging some quirky artwork or posters to make the interior feel like a cosy pub.

Pampered to Perfection

bright pink summerhouse
Waltons summerhouses provide a great blank canvas to create your own luxurious pamper room.

If you’re looking for a space to create your own luxurious pamper room, a summerhouse could be perfect for you! Decorate the interior with warm colours and luxurious fabrics such as velvet to make a comfortable, calming environment.

White stacking shelves are a great option for combining storage with colourful displays and give a clean yet sophisticated look. Add finishing touches by hanging your favourite art prints on the wall, and you are ready to relax and enjoy a bit of TLC!

Sophisticated Monochrome

summerhouse with surprise party interior
The Waltons 9 x 9 Corner summerhouse is a great option for those with limited outdoor space.

If your style is more cool and sophisticated then this monochrome summerhouse is just for you! Make a statement by painting the exterior with a darker shade and the frames bright white, emphasising the clean lines and framing the summerhouse beautifully.

Black furniture complements the bright internal walls for a striking contrast and harmonises with the paler outdoor garden chairs. Extend your outdoor living space and make your summerhouse the centre of attention by installing it on elevated wooden decking!

Essential tips for decorating a summer house

  • Recycle! Don't blow your budget on decor; scout out bargains at car boots and on sites such as FreeCycle and Ebay. Furniture can be transformed with a clean and a lick of paint.
  • Folding tables and chairs are a good  option because they are lightweight, easy to store and can be brought out quickly when you're entertaining.
  • Choose a colour palette that complements the colours in your garden
  • Choose furniture that can be used outdoors as well as inside
  • Remember the floor! Protect your floor with an off-cut of lino or carpet. Quick, cheap and easy!

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We hope you’ve been inspired by our selection of ideas for how to make a summer house special. We’d love to hear your ideas on how you’ve made your own retreat look unique - so do get in touch, show us your pictures and tell us your stories on our Facebook page!