How to create a writing shed

How to create a writing shed

If you’re a keen writer you’ll know the importance of dedicating a space to your craft. What better way to separate writing from your home life and minimise domestic distractions than by creating your very own writing shed?

Take a look at how you can transform a shed, summerhouse, log cabin or insulated garden room into your dream writing space.

Choose the right building for your needs

Waltons 4m x 3m log cabin
A log cabin makes for an ideal writing shed.
Image source: Waltons.

Before you can create your perfect writing shed, you’ll need to find the right garden building to suit your needs. Have your heart set on a luxury Insulated Garden Room? Perhaps a beach-style summerhouse is more your vibe? Or is a cosy and traditional log cabin your ideal writing space?

Think about the size of building you’ll need. Do you plan to use your writing shed just for writing, or will you be holed up reading in it, too? Whatever you require from your writing space, we’ve got the perfect garden building for you. An Insulated Garden Room is the ultimate all-year-round option, while a log cabin is a more affordable alternative. But if you’re working to a budget, a summerhouse or even a wooden shed will help to get you started.

The basics

View of a desk with laptop and plant
Electricity will be a must if you plan to use a desk lamp or charge your computer.
Image source: HAKINMHAN via Getty Images.

Once you’ve got the garden building of your choice in place, it's time to think about the practical things you’ll need so you can sit and write in peace. If you plan to use your writing shed throughout the winter months when daylight is limited, or you're a bit of a night owl, you’ll need a good source of light.

Electricity is a must for powering a desk or floor lamp. Not sure where to get started? Take a look at how to get mains power to your shed. Just as light creates a comfortable working environment, adding a small heater and installing insulation in your shed will keep you nice and cosy when the mercury drops.

Think about whether you’ll need WiFi to help with research, or if it will prove too much of a distraction. If you need web access to help you crack on with your writing, take a look at how to connect a garden shed to the internet. However, if you find that you’re spending more time looking at Facebook and Twitter than writing, it’s a good idea to create a WiFi black spot in your writing shed so that you can spend your free time concentrating on the stuff that matters.

Find the perfect desk

Antique writing desk
Every writer needs the perfect writing desk.
Image source: Ian Dyball via Getty Images.

When it comes to writing we all have different ways of working, but one of the most important pieces of kit for your new shed is a desk. After all, a workman is only as good as his tools. Whether you write by hand or use a laptop, you’ll need a desk to help you construct your next masterpiece.

Don’t want to spend a fortune? Take a look at eBay and Gumtree to see what bargains you can find second hand. Or why not visit your local antique shop to see if they have anything that fits with your creative aesthetic?

Your new desk will need to be a comfortable height for you to sit at, and large enough for your needs. There’s no point buying a beautiful but tiny desk if it’s not going to be functional - opt for something that gives you plenty of space to place your laptop, computer, notebooks, as well as any stationery supplies you need to be productive.

Choose the ideal chair

Grey comfortable office chair
Choose a comfortable chair if you'll be spending hours and hours in it.
Image source: anyaberkut via Getty Images.

Choosing a comfortable chair is just as important as finding the right desk. It may be tempting to go for a cheap and cheerful foldable chair that you got from the charity shop - and this might be a good temporary fix until you find the ideal solution - but if you plan to spend long hours in your writing shed, your back won’t thank you for sitting in an uncomfortable chair.

To concentrate properly on your writing, you need to be comfortable. Treat yourself to a good quality office chair, and you’ll thank us later! If you’ve got the space, a comfy armchair wouldn’t go amiss, either.

Comfort is key

yellow armchair in office with grey blanket
Encourage your creativity with some home comforts, such as a warm blanket.
Image source: serezniy via Getty Images.

When you’ve got the perfect desk and the perfect chair, you’re well on your way to creating the perfect writing shed. But to enjoy your new space, comfort is key. Keep a blanket to hand for those colder days, and add a fan for the warmer summer months. Creature comforts are essential for getting your creative juices flowing - especially if you're hoping to produce the next bestseller!

By hooking your shed up to a mains electricity supply you can keep your mug topped up with your favourite beverage, too. Buying a kettle for your shed is a good way to stop yourself walking into the kitchen every two minutes for a cuppa!

Decorate your space

Group of houseplants with decorative pots
Decorate your new writing space with house plants and other things to inspire you.
Image source: LightFieldStudios via Getty Images.

Once you’ve got the functionality of your writing shed sorted, you can start to think about decorating the space. Why not take inspiration from other writers in sheds? From practical considerations like bookshelves to unusual keepsakes, personalising your space will help you feel comfortable, inspired and ready to get creative every time you walk through the door.

Not sure where to start? Kit your writing shed out with house plants, hang paintings and add a welcoming scent. Happy writing!

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