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log cabin sale

Premium log cabins bring a whole new level of luxury to your garden.

log cabin sale

Premium log cabins bring a whole new level of luxury to your garden. Made to the highest standards and featuring 34mm interlocking tongue and groove boards, the sturdy cabins in this range stand as a testament to expert craftsmanship and design.

Offering a blend of durability, comfort and aesthetic appeal, our premium log cabins provide a robust and weather-resistant retreat, ideal for year-round use. The incorporation of double-glazed windows not only enhances the natural light within but also improves insulation, creating a welcoming space regardless of the season.

The attention to detail extends to security features and high-quality fittings, offering peace of mind. What’s more, if you want to tweak the size or layout, or even design a cabin of your own, head to our bespoke log cabins page, where you can work with our team of experts to ensure your cabin meets the unique needs of you and your family. Also check out our log cabin buying guide to help you make the right choice.

Log cabin versatility

Our large garden log cabins make versatile sanctuaries that offer added space for a range of activities and needs. They can serve as home offices, spacious studios for art or music, personal gyms, entertainment areas and more.

Built from robust materials, these large, premium buildings provide a durable, weather-resistant haven, while their eye-catching designs also add a luxury aesthetic to your garden. Their generous size allows you to get creative with interior design, so you can add a personal touch to transform your cabin into a bespoke, luxury garden retreat that looks great and is practical.

Premium log cabin installation

Installation is included as standard with these premium log cabins. Our team of experts will work to ensure you can start enjoying your premium log cabin as soon as possible with the minimum of fuss. They’ll fit everything to the highest of standards so you can make the most of the robust features of your premium log cabin in no time. The walls, windows and doors have additional reinforcement to give you a heavy-duty, hard-wearing finish, and the sturdy and durable build is topped with high-quality door and window hardware, plus a secure lock and key to keep everything safe.

Best base for a log cabin

Log cabins are typically heavier than other garden buildings such as sheds or regular summer houses. That means concrete makes the best base for a building of this size. While wooden bases suffice for small structures and paving slabs are a viable base option for some garden buildings, poured concrete will the sturdy foundation a larger garden building needs. You can find out more on base construction in our collection of base building tips.

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