Customer Story: Jo’s Insulated Garden Room

Customer Story: Jo’s Insulated Garden Room

With a Waltons Insulated Garden Room, you can get all the benefits of a home extension without the need to spend a small fortune. From photography studios to home offices, these super versatile structures can accommodate any additional living space needs. Including your very own gym!

When we saw Jo and her husband’s incredible IGR transformation over on their Instagram account, @that1930srenovation, we were absolutely stunned. As this amazing team had managed to modify their Insulated Garden Room into a beautiful contemporary home gym. It’s certainly a space that provides you with that extra drop of motivation when you need it most.

Take a look at these gorgeous images and find out how Jo personalised her Edwinstowe 5m x 3m Insulated Garden Room into a gym goers oasis.

What made you decide the 5m x3m Insulated Garden Room would be the perfect choice?

Decorated insulated garden room in garden
Jo and Ryan opted for the 5m x 3m Edwinstowe Insulated Garden Room
Image: @that1930srenovation

We did lots (and I mean lots!) of research. 5x3 fitted the space really well, and we wanted something that was insulated so that it was a usable space all year round. We also just really loved the look of this one!

How did you prepare the area for installation, and how did you find the installation process?

Newly erected Edwinstowe 5m x 3m Waltons Insulated Garden Room
For the base, Jo decided on an Elite Timber Base with Ground Screws for hassle free insulation.
Image: @that1930srenovation

The area the room is now sitting on was previously a patio so we had to dig all the slabs up (but we then relaid them in front of the room after it was installed). We opted for the no dig ground screw option for the base and it was amazing! We didn’t have to faff around with laying a concrete base and it was really fascinating watching the huge screws go in. The installation of the cabin was brilliant, it took two men a day to fully install it.

We absolutely love the colour you have chosen for the exterior of your IGR! How else did you decide to customise your space?

Interior of home garden building gym equipment
Featuring a contemporary interior, this home gym is not only functional by also stylish.
Image: @that1930srenovation

Thank you! We always knew we would paint it black and we’re so pleased with it, it looks so chic! Internally, we wanted to keep the space light and bright so we just opted for white walls/ceiling and black window frames. Then we relaid the patio in front of it, added some seating and it is now and wonderful inviting space.

We can see that you have transformed your IGR into a fantastic home gym, what was the inspiration behind this and how has the space impacted your life?

Weight rack in Jo's insulated garden room home gym
With all the essentials for a full body workout, there's no need for Jo and Ryan to drive to a gym.
Image: @that1930srenovation

It was always going to be a gym (I wanted a bar but Ryan won the battle). It has had a huge impact, we both use it several times a week, it’s so nice just popping down the garden rather than having to drive to a gym!

And finally, are you happy with the finished product?

Poster hanging on insulated garden room wall
Jo's IGR provides her with the extra space she needed without the hefty bill of a home extension.
Image: @that1930srenovation

We LOVE it!!! We contemplated getting an extension on the side of the house but went for the garden room as the (much!) cheaper option and we are so pleased we did. It’s such a versatile space and I think it will be a real selling point should we ever decide to move. 

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