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Greenhouses Guide

Every gardener worth their salt will know the importance of a good greenhouse. If you're feeling a little confused about your options, we've come up with a few solutions. Whether you're restricted by your available space, or just want to have a look at what's available to you, we've got the ideal greenhouse for your garden or allotment!

To make sure you ask yourself the right questions so that you can make sure you get the best greenhouse for you and your garden, we've put together the Ultimate guide to buying a greenhouse to take the pain out of the process. For all the info, download the guide and give it a read through.


Gardeners have many different and difficult choices to make. What type of flower, how many rows of carrots or even whether you go for a shed or a greenhouse! With our 8 x 6 Potting Shed, you'll have plenty of space to store all of your favourite garden tools, as well as a shelf to tend to your plants. The potting shed is a great way to give your greenery the kickstart it needs, without conceding valuable storage capacity.

Maximise light

Plants need light, so to ensure that they get all the sunny goodness that they need, our top pick is the 6.2 x 6.2 polycarbonate greenhouse. The polycarbonate walls are safer for busy gardens or allotments, and will retain the heat that your plants need to mature. No matter what you're eager to get growing this polycarbonate greenhouse is ideal for the job!

Limited growing space

If you're limited by the space you've got to grow new plants in, that doesn't mean you have to lose out on your favourite hobby. Our lovely 6 x 3 Victorian growhouse allows you to make the most of smaller areas, whether that's indoors or outdoors. The Victorian growhouse is perfect for getting your newer plants started before transplanting them outside, or even giving more delicate plants a refuge indoors during harsher weather.

Best for small gardens

For smaller gardens, you'll want to make the most of the space that you have available. If you don't have room for one of our more traditional greenhouses, take a look at our 8 x 4 Lean-to pent greenhouse. This is affixed to an existing wall, which then allows you to use the rest of your garden for other growing projects. Not only will it maximise your garden area, but it will give you the chance to have that much loved greenhouse that will be beneficial to you and your garden.


If you want to add a more traditional building to your garden, our 8 x 6 Evesham greenhouse will be perfect for the job. Not only will it give your garden a more rustic feel, it will also allow you plenty of growing space. Why not add shelving units to make the most of the spacious interior? Whatever you choose to grow in here, the Evesham greenhouse will be a lovely focal point for your garden.

Best for rented gardens

In rented properties, you will be limited for the type of structures that you can add to your garden. Even if you've only got a small terrace to grow things in, our small greenhouse gives you the ideal compromise. This portable greenhouse will allow you somewhere to grow your plants without investing in a garden building that you will have to leave behind when you move elsewhere. Not only that, but as this greenhouse isn't a permanent structure, you can bring it with you to continue growing your lovely plants!

Best for large gardens

If you have the space to do so, you've got nothing to lose by opting for the largest greenhouse possible. Our 12 x 6 combi greenhouse and shed allows you to maximise your available growing space; you can even add shelving units to make use of the space above ground, too. The special combi design allows you to use the shed part to store all of your handy garden tools in, while the greenhouse takes care of your plants.

Greenhouse buying guide

Here's a quick preview of what's in the guide - for all the info, download it and give it a read through.

Where to put your greenhouse

Before you start browsing for greenhouses, make sure you've got a clear idea where you'll put yours. Is the space clear and ready for a new building?

What size?

Almost every greenhouse owner wants a more greenhouse space. It's worth getting as large a greenhouse as you can!


Which will suit your purpose best? Wood, aluminium, or a brick half-wall?


Greenhouses aren't just made of glass these days. Think about whether polycarbonate or styrene is a better option.

Ventilation & heating

Just putting a greenhouse in your garden isn't enough to make sure your plants thrive. Make sure you heat and ventilate your building so that everything you grow flourishes.

Download the guide now, and get all the info you need so that you can choose the perfect greenhouse. And remember, if you're still stuck, give our friendly experts here at Waltons a call on 0800 029 1000.