Customer Stories: Little blue cottage

Customer Stories: Little blue cottage

Check out how Liz customised this country style playhouse for her daughter Layla.

We had a quick chat with Liz after she sent us some fab photos of her Waltons Honeypot Poppy Playhouse shortly after she had finished decorating it.

We were amazed at how lovely it looked and just had to ask her how she did it.

Check out how Liz did it in this quick Q and A style interview.

Where did you get the inspiration from to decorate the playhouse? 

We decided to use blue and white for the playhouse because there is already a summer house in the garden in the same colours, so we wanted the playhouse to become a complimentary feature in the garden. Once this was done, we used nursery wall stickers of flowers and butterflies to make it really appealing.

Did your daughter get involved with the decorating?

My daughter Layla is not quite 2, so she wasn't really able to get involved, aside from running in and out excitedly at every given opportunity!

What made you decide to purchase a Waltons playhouse?

I had a picture in my mind of what sort of playhouse I was looking for. Having searched the Internet and comparing similar ones, we chose to purchase it from Waltons because you seemed to have the best selection, very competitive prices and excellent customer reviews.

Did you make the curtains and bunting yourself? Any tips?

Layla's Granny made the curtains and bunting from fabric she had left from a previous project. She had only intended to make curtains, but found the bunting was a great way to use up the very last small pieces of remaining fabric!

What other little features have you added?

In addition to this, Layla's Grandad added a bicycle bell as a doorbell. He also painted a large piece of wood with chalkboard paint, and attached this to the back of the playhouse for drawing with chalks.

Layla is delighted with her house, and we are all really pleased with how it looks. Many thanks!

What we really love about this project is that they have added some really simple extra features which make it a perfect space for Layla to play. On the inside of the playhouse it has a play kitchen and table and chairs where she can play independently and is a great spot for when friends come over.

Want to create your own Little Blue Cottage playhouse?

We've put together a mini-mood board of some of the things that you can get to customise the playhouse. 

collage created to illustrate how to create a little blue cottage

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