Customer story: Brad's Log Cabin

Customer story: Brad's Log Cabin

A corner log cabin makes excellent use of space and allows you to spend quality time in your garden, whatever the weather.

Our customer, Brad, recently transformed his new Hemlock 5m x 3m corner log cabin from Waltons into the perfect man cave, creating the most incredible garden bar in which to entertain friends and family. It's one of the most fun and creative transformations we've ever seen and we love everything about his quirky retreat.

Just take a look as the great images Brad shared with us, and pick up some clever tips on how to create the perfect pub at the bottom of your back garden.

Front view of corner log cabin from Brad
This corner log cabin snugly fits in Brad's garden

Why did you want to buy a log cabin? 

We wanted to create a pub/bar at the bottom of our garden that we can use throughout the year.

Why this particular log cabin, and what made you choose Waltons? 

After searching for a while for the right cabin to fit my space I found mine on the Waltons website. It was delivered quickly and the main cabin went together in 2 days with assistance from a friend. This particular log cabin was the right price and it has a high roof, which suited what I wanted to put in it.

Plough Log Cabin window view
Decorated simply, the 'Plough' Log cabin oozes sophistication

Where did you get your ideas for decorating it from?

I’m quite creative and wanted it to be a cool bar.

The campervan bar makes for an interesting centrepiece; what made you choose this for your log cabin? 

I saw it elsewhere and thought it looked awesome! The bar front is a type 2 Volkswagen camper front that I found in Brighton.

VW campervan front turned into a bar
Brad added a pop of colour to his log cabin by turning a campervan front into a bar

Why have you named it The Plough? 

The Plough was our local pub before it was sold and re-named as an Indian restaurant... It is now closed. That’s the original sign that I managed to secure.

How does your log cabin fit in with the rest of your garden? 

It looks great, and is perfect for entertaining family and friends.

A well stocked man cave bar with a large red sign saying 'Plough'
A well stocked bar is the key to a good man cave

How do you plan on using it in the future?

Parties and get togethers with friends. It is quite unique - friends are a little wowed by it.

Are you happy with the finished products and the results? 

Very happy - we love it!

Grey sofa in garden log cabin
Brad created a cosy corner by adding a sofa with views over the garden

Brad has created a sophisticated garden pub to enjoy with family and friends, making good use of the space available. The camper van bar makes for a stunning statement piece that becomes the focal point of the log cabin.

A log cabin can give you that extra entertaining space to wow family and friends. Why not take a look at the range we have to offer here at Waltons? Or if you already have a log cabin and want to breathe some life back into your beloved garden building, our log cabin guides provide some inspiration on how to rejuvenate your space.

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