Customer story: Danni's summerhouse

White and grey summer house turned nail salon with banner stating 'Customer story: Danni's summerhouse'

Here at Waltons, there’s nothing we love more than seeing how our customers choose to decorate their garden buildings. So you can imagine how happy we were when Danni got in touch to tell us all about her summer house!

Danni opted for the 10 x 8 Helios. Take a look at how Danni transformed it!

Exterior of grey and white summer house
Take a look at how Danni transformed her Helios...

Why did you choose this particular summer house?

This particular summerhouse stood out to me as I wanted something which was symmetrical from the outside, the size was perfect for what I wanted, and the reviews were brilliant.

Overview of pink and grey nail salon found inside a Waltons summer house
A lot of love has gone into the decor.

What extra work did you do to customise your summer house?

I've done quite a lot of extra work to the summerhouse, due to using it for work purposes. I'll be in it for quite a few hours at a time, so I wanted something that looked and felt like it was more than a wooden shell; from insulating it myself, to having it plastered, to being fully kitted out with heating, alarm system and electricity.

Nail table and chairs with nail accessories inside Waltons summer house
A lovely tasteful interior.

What inspiration did you have for decorating your summer house?

I use my summerhouse as a nail bar so I wanted the decor to be classy, on trend and stylish, and rose gold and glittery is definitely that! I spent a lot of time looking through the internet, decor mags and social media for ideas on how to finish the summerhouse and I'm so pleased with what I came up with.

Pink and white nail salon storage
A fantastic colour scheme.

What are you hoping to use your summer house for?

I use the summerhouse as a base for my business as a nail technician. I'm a single parent to a little boy, aged 10, who has mitochondrial disease and special needs, this means I struggled to find a job that would work around his needs. I've always wanted to be in the nail & beauty industry so 2 and half years ago I decided to become a qualified nail technician, build a nail bar in my back garden and be my own boss so I can work around my son. This summerhouse has given me the ability to do this. I moved into it 4 months ago and I've loved working from it ever since.

Pink and grey nail salon with storage
The perfect space to work from home.

What do you think of your summer house? Are you happy with the results?

I'm over the moon with the finished project. It's my pride and joy and I'm so proud of myself for doing this for my son and I. I love the overall finish of the summerhouse and I'm so happy with the quality of it. Thank you Waltons for this fantastic product!

Window view of nail salon from Waltons summer house
Supplying your summerhouse with electric can help you use it for all manner of things.

Danni has done a fantastic job transforming her summerhouse, and we loved hearing her heartwarming story!

Night view of Waltons summer house turned nail salon
Danni has done a wonderful job!

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